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Coronavirus Social Media Challenges popular in Russia

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Facing coronavirus pandemic the question that we have in our minds is how to survive quarantine and self-isolation. Experts advise to spend less time in crowded places and if possible to stay home. In Russia after arriving from foreign countries with many cases of infection you have to stay at home for two weeks –…

Coronavirus self-quarantine. Virtual tours in Russia while you stay home.

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Pandemic took us all by surprise, but we sincerely hope that all your friends and relatives stay safe and healthy. Meanwhile, many travelers had to postpone their holidays and stay isolated in their homes. If this sounds like your story, do not get upset or disappointed. Thanks to modern technologies you can explore the world…

Coronavirus quarantine. 7 easy steps on how to find yourself in Russia staying at home 🤣

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During this uneasy time, we have to help to stop the spread of the coronavirus, to cancel all our trips and to stay at home on quarantine. But what about a little cheer up? Let’s travel all together to Russia without leaving your flat? Read how through 7 easy steps find yourself in Russia and…

An unforgettable experience in the Republic of Buryatia

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Untypical Russia: Buryatia Have you heard about the Republic of Buryatia region before? To locate it on the map, you need to turn your head right to the Eastern Siberia, find Lake Baikal and spot a dot with the name Ulan-Ude next to it. It’s to the southeast of Baikal. Found it? Ulan-Ude is the…

Eco-friendly Hotels in Russia

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We won’t mislead you. Traveling green in Russia is not simple. You will hardly find eco-labeled products, sustainable tour operators, and certified hotels. Finding eco-friendly hotels in Russia will be time-consuming, and in the end, it will probably not be 100% green. But still, it’s worth the effort! International hotel chains or locally-owned guesthouses?

Why we celebrate International Polar Bear day in ExploRussia?

a polar bear looking at the camera

27 February – International Polar Day Today we celebrate International Polar Bear day!💙🎈 This international celebration is devoted to attracting attention to the problem of sea ice loss from climate change which is the primary threat to bears.❗️ What can ordinary people do to help save polar bears? So, it can be as simple as…

10 Best Russian cuisine restaurants in Moscow

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You can always find a tourist who would believe that a classic Russian lunch is a borscht with a glass of vodka. Believe it or not, but both are not even originally from Russia. All jokes aside, Russian cuisine restaurant is truly fascinating and has a lot to offer to any tourist. The best way…

9 interesting facts about Russia

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Russia has everything that can interest travelers of all age groups and individual preferences. It is a mysterious country with a “wide open soul”. It is huge and dominant, welcoming and outrageous, magnificent and stunning, proud and self-criticizing. If Russia were a person it would be one of the most contradictory personalities you ever knew….

Trans-Siberian Railway Packing list

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While we are getting ready for the new trip, making a travel plan, reservations of accommodation and flights, booking tours, there is one more quite challenging task: to make the list of things to pack with you. Especially if it is the Trans-Siberian Railway packing list!  The same task I had a year ago, during…

Best Restaurants in Moscow with a view

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Moscow is not one of those places where you can easily find a good observation deck. And unlike many European cities where you often don’t have to pay a penny for a good view, in Moscow it can cost you 10 or 20 USD. In fact, if you are willing to pay it, we certainly…