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New Year in Siberia

Everybody all over the world is looking forward to the most wonderful days of the year – Christmas and New Year holidays. a group of people that are standing in the snow These days make you feel…

Best international restaurants in Moscow

a bowl of food on a table Hey dear traveler, have you already tried vareniki, bortsch, and bubliki? Did you have a cup of Russian herbal tea, a can of kvas and a shot glass of vodka? Not yet? Want to have a company to have more…

Meet our local guide: Tanya

a person standing in front of a building

  On how she became a tour guide… At the age of 12, I realized that I want to travel. It immediately brought me to the idea of becoming a journalist. Getting a degree in journalism made me realize that I won’t travel much and may end up writing the same news all over again….

Baikal Diving: the Lake from inside

Yes, you’ve already learned what Baikal is. This is an incredibly beautiful lake in Siberia, it is fresh, clean and rich in its flora and fauna. And there is only one way to get to know Baikal even better – to dive in Baikal!   a person swimming underwater

Safety in Moscow: how to avoid unpleasant situations

a man wearing a suit and tie

Safety is one of the biggest concerns for every traveler, especially when it comes to visiting a country as enigmatic, as Russia. Russia might not have a reputation of a safe country, but honestly, you don’t have to worry about crime and violence, especially in central areas, and Moscow is a very safe city and…

Top 10 Moscow Creative Art Spaces

a group of people standing in front of a colorful kite

It’s no surprise that being a rapidly developing metropolis, Moscow is trying to implement modern creative clusters in its infrastructure. Some of them could really boost your imagination. This wow effect is not experienced only by our foreign guests but also by the locals. This article is for art lovers, experienced travelers, adventure seekers, hipsters,…

Vodka: Theory and Practice

a person holding a glass of wine

It’s time to talk about the most stereotypical Russian drink. About Vodka, of course! Most likely you have already heard something about this strong beverage: 40% alcohol by volume, characteristic taste, and smell and crystal clear as water. To the point, a name vodka is a diminutive form of the Slavic word “voda” (water).

Most famous Russian women

a close up of a flower

Historical Background On this day there were mass demonstrations of women in Petrograd, who demanded the right to vote (look at the banner in the picture) and protested against famine and World War I. Four days later Tsar Nicholas II signed an order that allowed women to vote but it didn’t help to stop revolutionary…

Wassily Kandinsky – the Father of Abstract Art

Wassily Kandinsky wearing a suit and tie

Wassily Kandinsky – a representative of the avant-garde world, one of the founders of the abstract painting. He was the first to create the theory based on the principles of new art. His largely autobiographical painting has passed the difficult path from the subject to the abstract through personal upheavals and tragedies of the era….