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Initiated in 2012 as a provider of authentic Russia travel experience, we have grown into becoming a leader in promoting responsible tourism in our country.

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We create extraordinary Russia tours for trevellers from all the world, who want to travel to Russia, are interested in getting to know Russia for what it is, through the eyes of the local, and off the beaten track destinations.

ExploRussia team helps travellers discover Russia historical sights, stunning nature and the modern face of our country, full of creative people and positive vibe.

We are a team of young, professional entrepreneurs who love our country, its breathtaking nature, rich culture, hospitable people and believe in Russia’s huge touristic potential.

Read ExploRussia’s story: why and how we started business.

Meet the core team

Core team makes ExploRussia happen behind the scenes everyday. In addition find out more about our excellent team of local guides.

ExploRussia-Olga Sitnik

Takes care of the strategic development of our company and manages our key stakeholders.

Olga Sitnik

Co-founder, CEO

Manages all our operations and makes sure that we deliver the best experience to all our tourists.

Anna Mikheikina

Co-founder, COO

Ruslan is managing the budget, creating economic strategy and forecasting.

Ruslan Bets

Co-founder, CFO
ExploRussia-Marina Vinogradova

Marina is responsible for your tailor-made tour to be real. Marina makes each tour unforgettable and can always offer you something more.

Marina Vinogrdova

Customer Experience driver
Local Guide Reilya

Reilya makes sure that our guests will be tailored the best tour in Russia. Being at the same time a professional Moscow guide she will offer you the unforgettable Moscow itinerary!

Reilya Greenstone

Customer Experience Driver

Maria is responsible for French market, making sure that French travellers will be tailored the best tour in Russia.

Maria Tonkova

Customer Experience Manager

Kate manages all the operations for tailor-made tours. She is the one who delivers unforgettable experiences for our guests.

Kate Karpova

Operations Manager
ExploRussia- Natalia Panasenko

Natalia is responsible for content, social networks and SEO.

Natalia Panasenko

ExploRussia Site & SMM Guardian
ExploRussia-Elena Sitnik

Elena supports travel tickets operations

Elena Sitnik

Operations Support Manager

We do know the business and travel a lot.

That’s why our approach is aimed at fitting your expectations:

Our biggest value is to cater your individual needs and expectations.

Before suggesting places to visit and things to do, we will inquire for your style of travel, motivation to travel to Russia and individual interests. We understand that a tour organized for a young family, an adventure seeker or a luxury traveler should be different, therefore, we do our best to match each itinerary to a definite tourist profile.


Our personalized approach to all our tourists.

Not only are we ready to answer questions about the Russian history and culture but also to share our stories and tell you about the current life of a new generation in Russia in order to give you a perspective on Russia nowadays. Our team believes that this is the best way to explore the country and its people. Moreover we aim at presenting the positive image of our country to the rest of the world.


ExploRussia is the first tour operator in Russia to pioneer the principles of responsible travel.

We try to preserve Russia beauty and uniqueness; therefore, we act sustainably on all levels of our operations. We also encourage you to travel consciously. Not only because it’s just a good thing to do, but mostly because responsible travel is considered the most enjoyable way to travel – it brings you closer to local people and their culture and gives you a chance to experience the authenticity of the place you have come to.


We always go extra mile to make your Russia travel experience truly unforgettable!

We will take you to the most interesting places, we offer you to go off the beaten tracks and show you Russian must-sees but from the locals’ perspective!

Sounds exciting? Don’t hesitate to spread ExploRussia’s vision and explore Russia yourself!

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