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ExploRussia is a certified tour-operator listed in the Uniform Federal Register of the Tour Operators of the Federal Tourism Agency. We issue travel invitations, which are in the list of obliged documents for the Russian visa application. ExploRussia issues invitation letters only for travelers purchasing any of our services.

ExploRussia assists individual travellers with creating their unique trips to Russia.
We help with route planning, transportation and accommodation, and suggest the best places to visit, eat and have fun – everything according to your individual needs and expectations.

If you don’t need a guide, but just some help with trip planning, this service is for you!

First and foremost, please check whether your country of citizenship is eligible for visa-free entry or not.

In case you need a Russian visa invitation and plan your trip to Russia, please Contact Us.


Citizens of most countries will need a visa for Russia. It cannot be obtained at the border, therefore you should apply for a Russian visa prior to traveling.

At the present day, a tourist visa to Russia is usually granted to any foreigner on the basis of the tourist invitation to Russia. Contact us and we will prepare all the required documents. Tourist visa to Russia (visa is issued at the Consulate of the Russian Federation in the country of citizenship on the basis of a tourist invitation) can be issued for single or double entries, if the total stay in Russia does not exceed 28 days. Term of registration of the tourist invitation takes up to 2 business days. You can find the price list below:

  • Single (for 1 to 30 days) – 35 euro

* – For migration risk countries only

In Russia visa requirements also include travel insurance and a photograph of you. Make sure you have those under your belt when you apply!

Sometimes it can be a long process but we will be there to help you every step of the way to your Russian tourist visa.

There is also a possibility to get Russian e-visa. To learn more about this option please read Russian e-visa guide.

Here we provide general information only. You should confirm details or any queries with a local Russian Consular Office.