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Why travel to Russia with us?

“Feel like a local”, “Feel well informed” and “Feel unique”. That’s how we make your travel to Russia unforgettable.


We share our (well, actually, your =)) Customer Experience model – that’s the way how we treat our guests and we want they feel during their travel to Russia:

ExploRussia Customer Experience Model-mi

What “Feel like a local” mean?

  • Learn about the country’s history and culture through personal stories and experiences
  • Go off the beaten path – find unique spots known only to locals: different neighborhoods, hidden yards, parks
  • Get to know local customs through activities: cooking/having breakfast together, skating, tea ceremony, mini New Year’s Eve or other celebrations, depending on the season, theatre/ballet.
  • Travel to Russia and do what locals do, e.g.: eat ice-cream in GUM, light a candle in a church, buy food at a local market
  • Take part in city events, your itinerary will be adjusted accordingly
  • Feel free to share your opinions, our guides a very open-minded!
  • Stay at locally-owned guest-houses, visit local restaurants, local markets – basically – give locals chance to earn money
  • We encourage our tourists not to harm nature and keep our tours environment-friendly, in other words be responsible!

What “Feel unique” mean?

  • Empathy – Explorussia adjusts the tour depending on how the tourists feel, we respect your preferences and wishes
  • Get personalized recommendations on what to do, where to go
  • Before your travel to Russia receive a Preparation Package a week before your adventure
  • Feel free to share your expectations with us, you may ask for advice
  • You will be invited for a farewell dinner to share your impressions
  • Get small gifts from ExploRussia team to remember about the trip
  • We appreciate your feedback in a thank you email letter
  • If you upload a review on the TripAdvisor we will be very happy

What “Feel well-informed” mean?

  • Be ready to meet knowledgeable guides with great storytelling skills and the proper attitude, feel free to ask any questions
  • Visit the most significant landmarks, special museums, exhibitions, and hidden places ┬ádepending on individual interests
  • Learn about Russia’s history from the eyes of a local
  • Feel as if you are taken around by an attentive friend


Feel excited? We too! Just fill in this form and get an unforgettable experience in Russia!



travel green┬áBe smart – travel green! Learn how to travel responsibly with ExploRussia

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