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Depo.Moscow food-cluster tour with degustation

Quick Details

Adult 13+ years old
Child up to 12 years old

Excursion around food-cluster Depo is a great mix of history and food-discoveries.

Tour highlights:
– Find out thrilling history moments of former depot
– Get the architecture details of complex built over a hundred years ago
– Dive into the scene of the biggest food-cluster of the world
– Try most awaited samples of Russian cuisine, such as caviar, lard, local cheese and some tastiest sweet bites

Depo is a great place with the charming atmosphere of the former trolley depot now turned into a bright spot popular for locals to hang out. During the tour we will tell you about past times when instead of restaurants and food-corners the place was full of trolleys. Afterwards we will proceed to trying and tasting the main examples of Russian and soviet cuisine. We bet you are looking forward to your caviar time; will be amazed by the pickle variety; try some lard and find out about traditional meat preserves.

Important: please, check the details of the excursion prior to the tour date, the itinerary might be effected due to CODIV-19 restrictions.