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Looking for the best travel destinations in Russia? Take a chance to visit the biggest country in the world. Everybody can find what he likes in Russia with its diverse landscapes, nature reserves, UNESCO world heritage sites, the greatest museums with world-famous works of art and remarkable heritage.


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We have prepared our first two Russian private tours online with ExploRussia co-founders Anna and Olga! And this is only the beginning! With the help of Zoom, Facebook, or Whatsapp you may travel to Russia staying at home. Let’s take this amazing opportunity of the XXI century. Russian Cuisine home cooking experience with Olga and Siberian Beeking Tour online with Anna.

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The capital of Russia Moscow is truly a place of superlatives. Everything is here huge, great, unforgettable, and grand. It is the city of world-class art museums and 24-hour restaurants, the political center of Russia, and the place of controversial history, the city of the billionaires and Russian soul.  Visit iconic Red Square with the Kremlin which is used to be a fortress and now the official residence of Russia’s President, take a ride in the most beautiful in the world Moscow metro. See the “underground castle” and take an insight into Soviet-era architecture.

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The second-largest city in Russia is Saint Petersburg. The most European city in Russia. The best place for those interested in Russian history before and after the Russian revolution. Discover one of the largest and oldest art museums in the world Hermitage. See the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Russian Versailles in a private excursion to Peterhof Palace. Learn about the architecture and decor that reflects various art styles and the personal tastes of Russian monarchs.

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Golden Ring is a number of small old historical Russian towns that are located northeast of Moscow. Enjoy the wooden architecture standing side by side with the picturesque onion-domed Orthodox churches. Among the jewels of the Golden Ring are Sergiyev Posad, Vladimir, and Yaroslavl located in the greatest Russian Volga river.

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Almost all adventurous travelers are dreaming of making the Trans-Siberian Railway Tour. The railway which is the longest railway within one country unites the biggest and the most historically significant Russian cities. Moscow, Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, and Vladivostok. Every city has its own face and worth exploring. The tour is not only about the cities but also about nature. Visit Nature Reserve Stolby, enjoy the Pearl of Siberia lake Baikal, see the Ural mountains, Taiga forests, and the Pacific Ocean. Become a real train guru for the 21-day of adventure on the train. Take the second class, and enjoy the kilometers passing by with the romantics of the ever-changing scenery.

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Russian Nature is more than just the world oldest and deepest freshwater powerful Lake Baikal. If you visited it once in summer, now it’s time to see it in winter. The view is amazing, the Lake is covered with the clear crystal ice, so you may enjoy skating on the biggest and clearest ice-skating rink in the world. Visit the northwestern part of  Russia near Finland and White Sea, enjoy rafting and trekking activities in Karelia. See the open-air museum of the wooden houses which are included in UNESCO list of heritage sites. Take a chance to see the Altai National Reserve with the mountains, steppes, Alpine meadows, lakes, and waterfalls. This is a place of the caves and traces of the ancient people, very remote from the civilization where you can feel the unity with nature.

Russia is very big, choose the destination and the rest will be tailored upon your request.

Visit and explore Russia yourself and answer the question:  “What is your favorite destination in Russia?”

If you wish a customized tour, give us an idea, Contact Us and we will tailor it for you!

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