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New Year in Siberia

Everybody all over the world is looking forward to the most wonderful days of the year – Christmas and New Year holidays. a group of people that are standing in the snow These days make you feel…

“Russia – the most beautiful country” photo contest

a close up of an owl

“The most beautiful country” photo contest is the one held by the Russian Geographical Society, uniting the best photographers of Russia. By the way, the first photos of Tibet that brought to National Geographic magazine worldwide fame were taken by the members of the Russian Geographical Society, Gombozha Tsybikov and Ovshé Norzunov.

Coronavirus quarantine. 7 easy steps on how to find yourself in Russia staying at home 🤣

a cat sitting on top of a wooden table

During this uneasy time, we have to help to stop the spread of the coronavirus, to cancel all our trips and to stay at home on quarantine. But what about a little cheer up? Let’s travel all together to Russia without leaving your flat? Read how through 7 easy steps find yourself in Russia and…

Tips how to enjoy Russian winter

a tree covered in snow

Today is November 2nd, in Moscow, we saw the first snow already not to tell about Siberia. The first snowflakes are a signal of coming winter and cold weather of course. But cold weather is not the reason to become gloomy. Quite the contrary most people are happy because it is a great chance to…

ExploBear on the Trans-Siberian Railway

a man sitting on a bench talking on a cell phone

Trans-Siberian Railway Train Summer Hello Friends! I’m an ExploBear and as a true mascot of ExploRussia I love to travel. I also like trains a lot so once I decided to make this legendary railway ride – the Trans-Siberian Railway trip. I want to share my Trans-Siberian Railway…

Visit to Russian Dacha, a Summer Country House in Siberia

a house with trees in the background

When planning the Trans-Siberian Railway trip for our tourists we try to suggest something remarkable they can do in every city. Something which might be special either for this city or for our culture in general and Russian dacha is the best example of it. What is the Russian dacha? During summer time Russians like…

One day in Murmansk: The best place to watch Northern lights

a close up of a snow covered mountain

When travelling around Russia Murmansk is unlikely to be in your first-choice destination. It is not on Transiberian railway, neither promoted as a touristic place. So wrong! Murmansk and its surroundings can surprise you even more than other Russian cities. The first thing that impresses you right after you take a taxi from the airport…

5 natural wonders in Russia along the Trans-Siberian Railway

a group of people in a forest

In a recent post, we have told you all about the 5 must-stops cities along the Trans-Siberian Railway. That’s why this week we wanted to take it a somewhat different way. See, there are many wonderful cities all across the whole country, but, as a matter of fact, when you look out of the train…

One day in Kolomna

a small clock tower in front of a building

Kolomna is a small city not far from Moscow (116 km or 2,5 h by train). It is an ancient city, which still looks half-village, half-town. Recently it celebrated its 840th birthday. Like some other old Russian cities, it has its own Kremlin. In the 16th century the infamous Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible used…

“21 Days of Excellence”, The legendary Winter Trans-Siberian Railway Tour, review by Chris and Mel from Australia

a person standing on a snow covered mountain

Local Buryat family on the Trans-Siberian Railway tour If a traveller wants to stretch his limits and have a singular adventure he jumps on the world longest train route to experience Russian complexity and diversity. If a traveller wants to know what real snow is he starts to…