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Quick Details

Adult 12+ y.o.
Child from 7 to 11 y.o.
Infant from 0 to 6 y.o.

Discover the Beauty of Moscow’s Metro!

Moscow’s Metro is a masterpiece made of marble and granite. See the gorgeous Stalin skyscrapers, a landmark of Moscow reminiscent of Soviet Russia.

Tour Highlights:

  • Discover great examples of Soviet architecture during this informative, exciting, and fun tour.
  • See the most gorgeous stations of the famous Moscow Metro.
  • See three out of seven Stalin skyscrapers and find out how they are used today.
  • Find out what an average Russian person’s life was like in Soviet Russia.
  • At the end of the tour, discuss your experience over a fresh Russian pie and tea.

Join this exciting Moscow Metro Tour to get familiar with architectural symbols of the Soviet Russia period! Explore the underground in the capital of Russia, which looks a lot more like a museum or a palace than an actual transport system. Travel and see magnificent stations along the way, and get outside to see the legendary Stalin skyscrapers.

While traveling, you will go outside to see some spectacular pieces of the Soviet Russia architecture — the Stalin skyscrapers, which are also known as Seven Sisters. You will have an opportunity to see three of them: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hotel Leningradskaya, and the building near Krasnie Vorota (Red Gate). You will go inside one of them to see the interiors with your own eyes and listen to the stories and legends about Stalin’s Sisters.

End the tour with a cup of tea and a pie in one of the nice cafeterias in the city center.

Does the program sound a bit too serious and heavy with historical facts? Don’t you worry! Our tour guides will make their stories about Soviet Russia history and architecture exciting, fun, and easy to understand! You will find out how the Soviet people used to dress, what they used to eat, how they used to spend their free time, what daily challenges they had to face, and basically what average Russian life behind the Iron Curtain was really like. Book your Moscow Metro Tour now!