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Join one of the World’s greatest train journeys to explore Russia’s complexity and diversity

The Trans-Siberian Railway tour is a must-do for everyone looking for an adventure of a lifetime! Join one of the world’s greatest train journeys to explore Russia’s complexity and diversity.  Get to know the biggest country in the world with its stunning nature and vibrant cities. Travel across several time zones. See Russia from different perspectives!

Trans-Siberian Railway Tour Highlights:

  • Visit Moscow and its top tourist attractions and go off the beaten path to discover places known only to locals.
  • Experience the Muslim side of Russia in Kazan.
  • Get to know Yekaterinburg, its history and city’s architecture.
  • Explore the Lake Baikal, its stunning pristine nature, and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Reach Vladivostok, the most eastern point of Russia and the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  • Spend several days on the train, experiencing the real Russia through the eyes of its people.

Start your truly amazing Russian experience by exploring the capital of Russia – Moscow! By visiting classical places and having a great time going off the beaten track with locals! Go further to the central Russia to visit Russian cities: Muslim Kazan, Yekaterinburg, and then further east to Siberia. Get to know Siberian people and their culture in Irkutsk. Then spend some time on the Lake Baikal and enjoy its outstanding landscapes and rich wildlife. Finally travel, via Khabarovsk, to the most eastern point of Russia, Vladivostok, where the Trans-Siberian Railway terminates. Join 10 000 km of pure adventure!

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Trans-Siberian Railway Tour Plan