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Your perfect local guides for a private tour in Russia


Meet our local guides: they are friendly, knowledgeable and very attentive to guests. Don’t you worry: they will gently dive you into history and geography of Russia, into the extent it remains interesting and fun. They will show you not only must-visits of their city but hidden paths known only by locals. And most importantly with their attention and caring attitude, you will feel very special during your private tour.

Our local guides will tell you about nowadays Russia, share personal stories, which we believe is the most exciting way to learn about the country when you travel. Above all the majority of our local guides are energetic young people with big travelling experience, who have seen the world, at the same time know about Russia and are ready to share this positive vibe to make your private tour an adventure of a lifetime!

In addition one of the big parts of Responsible tourism approach is to travel being part of local communities. We share this vision through providing our guests opportunity to be with local guides to dive them to the local life and local reality.

ExploRussia local guide Tanya

Tanya Neyman, local guide in Moscow will show you multicultural Moscow.

Tanya speaks Russian and English. Born in Moscow, Russia.

My name is Tanya. Probably you know that it’s a very common name in the Russian-speaking countries. But behind that hides somebody, who has a lot of international experience. Let’s start with the fact that for almost 3 years I lived in Israel and then worked for a Jewish organisation in Russia. So if you want to know more about Jewish life in Russia, I’d be happy to be your guide. But not only that. My major is multiculturalism. I did my M.A. in migration studies. I can also show you how multicultural Moscow is. Moreover, you’re welcome to experience it yourself. Have you ever tried Georgian cuisine? That’s my favorite!

What is the best place in Moscow?

Moscow is a pretty noisy and crowded city. It’s might a challenge to a peaceful place, especially in the city center. I really love the Bauman Garden, which is an An oasis of calm in the bustling streets of central Moscow. It’s a modern park like Gorky park, but just less popular. Nearby there is one of the most beautiful buildings in Moscow  –  a XIX century Staheev’s  house.

What is the best thing about being a guide?

I love people, but especially I love my audience.  What is more, I enjoy having dialogues with my tourists as we both learn something new during an excursion. It’s great to learn something new about the people and the city I was born in. I believe that there is no way to stop it. I fell in love with every person I tell a story, because there is no other way around, right?


What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I studied journalism, so I love literature. Well, we can have a very long conversation about Russian authors. Actually in Russian I make tours about Boris Pasternak, Osip Mandelshtam, Ilya Ilf, Have you heard of them? If not, you must be very lucky as there is an amazing world in front you.

At the end I’ll tell you my little secret. I love shopping. Somehow I can find the best shops even if it’s my first time in the city.

Moscow local guide Katerina

Katya Savinkova, local guide in Moscow

My name is Katya, I’m 25 y.o. Spent my all life in Moscow. Graduated from Moscow State University, historical department. My diploma subject was drinking culture and prohibition in the States.


What is the best place to see/ thing to do in Moscow?

It’s so hard to pick only one. But I love the Hamovniky area and Novodevichy Convent. It’s like an oasis in the city center. So calm, beautiful and chill.


What is the best thing about being a guide?

The best thing about being a guide is meeting people from all over the world. Learning more about their culture, language, personal stories. And sharing my vision of Moscow and Russia with them. And seeing excitement in their eyes;)


What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I adore surfing. All summer I surf on Moscow river, and the other part of year I travel around the world. Traveling is my second biggest passion.

ExploRussia-local guide Valya

Valentina Ekimova, local guide, will show you Moscow.

Hello! My name is Valentina and I always thought that St.Valentine’s Day is my personal celebration. Nevertheless, from my personal experience, it seems that it is one of the most difficult names to pronounce for foreigners. 

I was born in Kazakhstan but raised in the middle of Russia, in a small provincial town Kurgan. So, I know in equal parts of both Kazakh and Russian cuisine, and how to live for 18 years without cinema and MacDonalds. In 2007, I visited Moscow with my family as tourists. When I saw one of the Stalin Skyscrapers of the Moscow State University for the first time, I said to my parents: “I want to study here!”. And now after 10 years I already got my second degree at MSU, one of the best universities in the world.


What is the best place in Moscow?

In my point of view, Vorobyovy Gory with one of the Stalin Skyscrapers – Moscow State University, is the most amazing place in Moscow, especially during the lilac time in May. I would be happy to narrate the history about the first university in Russia, why Tatiana’s Day is the main celebration for students, what is the most interesting hidden places in the huge territory of the MSU campus, about the historic proms in this palace of science and many many other things.


What is the best thing about being a guide?

The most interesting part of the work of a tour guide is to meet people from all over the world, share knowledge with them about Russian history and culture, and to see how amazed they become after learning about our country. It is also an opportunity to get some knowledge back and to collect “world” experiences. Not only to be a tourist is the way to travel, but to meet new people is even greater way travel, which can last much longer than an usual trip.


What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

My hobby is to teach the Russian language to international students. I also have a passion to travel, to learn history and culture of different countries, and to meet new people. Furthermore, I have a fervid fascination to collect minerals (I am a geologist by the way), I have a collection of more than 100 minerals samples from around the world. So, I can share information where you can find interesting shining precious stones in Moscow and in Russia, in general!

Local guide Elena

Elena Kovaleva, Moscow local guide

Elena will take you around Moscow. If you are into antiques ask to take you to one of Moscow flea markets! Elena’s got MSC and MBA degrees in France and UK, worked in USA.

Now she runs her vintage&antique business in Moscow, volunteers in animal shelter and works as a tour-guide. Her family has lived in Moscow now for over 100 years thus this helps to add personal info to her tours.


I love that tourists nowadays like to dig deep, beyond info in a guide book. In this way, every tour is an adventure when we discover what WAS and IS going on here.


What is the best place in Moscow?

It’s banal, but I love downtowns, Moscow is not an exclusion. Downtown is the place, where you can enjoy lots of cultural events, best architecture and food. In Moscow it compiles the ancient heart of 15 century and the old part constructed in 19teen. Each of them creates special atmosphere and mood, so you can’t be boring exploring the area.

What is the best thing about being a guide?

To be the guide is the best opportunity to share accumulated knowledge of the history, customs and traditions of my country with the people, who are really interested in. besides, to learn from other cultures and to keep the eyes wide open to the global world.


What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I’m very keen to collect, restore and find new owners for the old furniture and housewares, feel like they are an integral part of the history and culture. So I run my small vintage&antique business, besides to guiding the tours.

Russian Local guide Masha

Maria Daianova, best tour guide of season 2019, local guide in Moscow, also a professional teacher of English and Italian.


My name is Maria, I’m 24 y.o., I’m a Ph.D. student of Lomonosov MSU at the department of history of foreign literature.


What is the best place in Moscow?

One of the best areas of Moscow that I may recommend to either a foreign or a Russian tourist is certainly Kitay-gorod area. A great place both to chill out with your friends in one of the cosy bars or cafes nearby and to explore Russian history, enjoy ancient architecture, beautifully decorated churches and other buildings. Oops, and, of course, never forget about work – lots of small cafes in that zone may be a perfect place to deal with your tasks.

What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I’m passionate about everything connected with Italy and Italian art and culture (maybe except fascism and Mussolini). I definitely like comparing Italy and Russia in terms of cultural interaction and mentality. I adore cooking, especially some sweet stuff. Reading, cycling, doing sports, travelling, talking hours about art – are my life sins. 🙂

What is the best thing about being a guide?

The best thing about being a guide is a constant personal development. You always learn something new about history/local legends/nice venues etc. by yourself and thanks to interaction with foreign tourists you can also know some amazing things. What I personally value in the work of a guide is that I can share my knowledge about my motherland, about Moscow, attract foreigner’s attention to our rich cultural heritage and help tourists to overcome some negative stereotypes about Russia. Overall, showing Russia from a different perspective is cool.

Local guide Sasha

Alexandra Sveshnikova will show you her beloved Moscow, and for sure will become true friends with you!

Sasha is on the ExploRussia guides team since 2014. She loves showing foreigners around. We love her approach as she is a tech and science girl, making her PhD. She will tell you not only about latest scientific insights, but a lot about Moscow history, culture. And she is so much fun! One of Alexandra’s hobbies is to write to our blog.

Find her post about Theatre life in Moscow and where a foreigner can go to enjoy Russian Drama Theatre. And this one is her story about trip to Murmansk, Russian North.


What is the best place to see/ thing to do Moscow?

Moscow is full of interesting places. Living here for 7 years I still find something new. My favorite place in Moscow is Moskvoretsky bridge, just behind Kremlin and Red Square. From that point you can enjoy the most beautiful view of Moscow, especially at night!

What is the best thing about being a guide?

Being a guide for me means being a representative of my country. Showing the city and telling interesting stories about it will build overall imagination about my country.

I want international people to know more about Russia and happy to share my knowledge about it! At the same time making a tour for travellers is always fun and I have a brilliant possibility to meet best representatives of different countries).


What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I’m fond of traveling, watching movies and acting in a student theatre. Meeting new people, learning new cultures and speaking English with my friends – that’s how I’m spending free time.

local guides Yulia

Yulia Kostroma will show you brilliant Moscow. And could dance some salsa with you 🙂

Yulia speaks Russian & English, and un poquito of Spanish.


What is the best place to see/ thing to do Moscow?

The best place to see in Moscow is Gorky Park. From the moment I’ve seen it, I fell in love and I have been faithful to it ever since. In the winter time, it has one of the largest ice skating rinks I’ve ever seen. It’s not just a traditional round or square ice rink, it consists of paths that go throughout the park, and on these paths, while listening to music, you could take breaks to drink some Gluhwein or have something to eat. Could an ice rink get any better than that?

In the Summertime, Gorky Park is even better. It’s filled with people biking, rollerblading riding scooters and jogging. There are numerous areas in the park for outdoor dancing: from salsa to ballroom, to hustle and more. It has restaurants for every taste, street performers, and an outdoor movie theater. On special occasions, concerts are hosted here. And for the romantics, it is conveniently located by the water, where you could stroll with your significant other along the embankment, while holding hands and staring at the sunset, or take a ride on one of the tour boats mesmerizing you with the beautiful sights of the city.

What is the best thing about being a guide?

The best thing about being a guide, is being able to share interesting true stories with some of the most amazing people that come from all over the world, while walking outdoors, feeling the breeze in my hair and being surrounded by beautiful architecture in one of the most incredible cities in the world.

What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I was lucky enough to have the experience of living in Europe and North America. I love to travel and to meet people from other Worlds. I’m fascinated by colorful, curious and artistic people, but kindness and friendliness always melt my heart. So, in short, People. Cultures. Travel. Dancing. Arts & Crafts. Being outdoors.

ExploRussia-local guide Olga

Olga Yakovleva will show Moscow with the local’s eyes.

Graduated from the Finance Academy under the government of Russian Federation, thus can tell you about the development of the economical situation in Russia both from personal experience and historical reasons.


What is the best place in Moscow?

They say there is no place like home, thus I enjoy walking around Patriarshi Ponds area with narrow streets and cosy restaurants. Moscow is definitely a place to make money and to do yoga in parks, a place to see theatre premiers and to run marathons, a place to try great multinational food and enjoy crazy nightlife – everybody can find smth for him/her. That’s why the best thing is to live here!

What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I’m a promoter of healthy living, in my free time I like running, yoga and qigong. I mediate to increase consciousness. I enjoy trying different cuisines and experience in cooking for my husband and friends.


What is the best thing about being a guide?

Sharing the experience of being a local and showing the best to the visitors – that was the thing I always did when my friends and colleagues came in the city. I truly love Moscow and enjoy the opportunity to welcome new people here! Also I would like to break the standards that Russia is only about vodka and bears.

ExploRussia-local guide Yana

Yana Kronevald, local guide in Moscow

Yana has been living in Moscow for almost 10 years.

She studied Events Management in the U.K. and came back to Russia to apply her knowledge to real practice.


What is the best place in Moscow?

Moscow can become a place of power almost for everyone. Breathtaking Red Square, glamorous Tverskaya street, quiet and narrow streets of Zamoskvorechie, or wild stories of Hitrovka… everyone can find anything for his tastes and his heart.

One of my favorite places in Moscow is Sanduny, public bathhouse, and not just because it is a place where body and soul can rest but also because Sanduny gives you a wondrous felling of a touch to history and specific culture of “Russian banya”. Visiting Sanduny is indeed a unique experience you will not get in any other place in Moscow.

ExploRussia-guide Alina

Alina Nukhova, former bar-tender, guides through bars and art galleries

Having been living in Moscow for 13 years, I find it a very attractive and dynamic city and I love it! I moved here from my native city of Ufa in the Ural Mountains with an aim of getting a good education in art. I studied at a faculty of History of Art of Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts and graduated with a diploma of an art expert. My art studies helped me to develop a fine sense of art and broadened my world view, so besides tours about the city of Moscow I can be very helpful in exploring its museums.


What is the best place in Moscow?

Moscow is a city vibrant with life and one can find there whatever one pleases to see. I adore strolling about the streets of Moscow going wherever I choose to go and seeing whatever I feel like seeing. By doing so, you can feel its charm, enjoy its wide variety and come close to its understanding.

What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I like both making short trips to not so far-away places and finding myself in a distant land with a different culture. As for sport, I also love running, especially long distances, including marathons. I adore discovering secret, little-known places in Moscow or in other towns and cities during my trips there. Finally, I like to explore the world of Art, exhibitions or my own practical training.

What is the best thing about being a guide?

It is a complicated question indeed. For me “guiding” (I would even say “guidance”) is a notion involving many things – my education, my experience and skills, my aspirations. What I think I like doing best is sharing with the tourists my knowledge of the city, which I love and adore, giving the tour a personal touch by telling the visitors little stories of this and that, thus adding “local colour”.

Moscow local guide Alexandra Gribanova

Alexandra Gribanova, local guide in Moscow

Hi everyone! I think traveling is one of the best experiences in life. My job lets me do it without buying a plane ticket and getting a visa.

What is the best place in Moscow?

My favorite place is a glass bridge across the Moskva river. It is called Bogdana Khmelnitskogo Bridge. You can find it not far from Kiyevskaya metro station. There is a nice view from that bridge.

What is the best thing about being a guide?

The best thing is that you don’t have to pay for the tour and get to be on it! I’m just kidding. The best thing is to remember every time how big our world is, how different our world’s cultures are.

What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

Besides being a guide I am a music academy student. My instrument is the violin. I play in an orchestra in my free time. Also, I prefer active way of life, especially I enjoy riding a bike.

Explorussia local guide Tumun

Tumun Rygzynov, Ulan Ude, Trans-Siberian Railway

Tumun is our guide in Ulan Ude. If you make the famous Trans-Siberian Railway trip, you will definitely have a stop in Ulan Ude where our guide Tumun will show you the city and invite you to visit his home. This is an unforgettable experience! Tumun speaks Russian and English. Read more about “Buryat family visit” in a post Visit to Buryat family during trip to Ulan Ude.


What is the best place in Ulan Ude?

Ulan-Ude is the capital of the Republic of Buryatia, a provincial but dynamically developing city, with a population of about 450 thousand people.

Ulan-Ude is a very sunny city. There is a sunny wheather for about 300 days a year in our city (more only in the Pamir mountains). Fact: All pilots of incoming planes like to land in Ulan-Ude because of favorable weather conditions. Therefore, there is nothing better than just walking through the historic part of the city and the pedestrian area in the warm season closer to evening, when it is not so hot.

What is the best thing about being a guide?

The best thing about being a guide for me is a possibility to show for the rest of the world that Russia is not so terrible. Siberia is not only snow, bears and ushanka.I love the way we work with ExploRussia from the very beginning, this format I can say is truly unique. It is based on trust, professionalism and business qualities of the team. For me, the work with tourists is the utmost responsibility, at the same time our approach “exploring Russia through the eyes of a local” gives me so much joy and pleasure from what I do. So all the work I do here I persuade as a hobby, which is very exciting. Needless to say, that this work gives my family extra income, which is important.

What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

Recently, there is very little time for hobbies, so we try to combine the pleasant with the useful.

The first hobby is active rest, hiking and traveling. I am proud that I was twice at the highest point of the Eastern Sayan Mountains – 3491 m., I crossed lake Baikal in winter on ice with my friends on foot with an overnight stay in a tent right in the middle of the lake. As for the pleasant and useful, of course, I want to mention that we together with my wife Lena participated in “Explorussia Guide’s camp 2018” in Moscow and at the same time it was a fulfilment of an old dream to drive through Russia in a car. I returned from Moscow to Ulan-Ude by car and drove through Russia 6000 km.

The second hobby. It’s making something with hands, spending time in the garage or doing something around the house. Do my best to finish building the house and do useful things whenever it is possible.

Moscow local guide Daya

Daya Filippova, local guide in Moscow

I am a native Muscovite and a bit proud of it. The city has always been the object of interest for me. My mom showed me its inner atmosphere when I was young, and I still like to stroll through busy streets and hidden lanes. Moscow is very hospitable for those who like contrasts and variety of cultures, cuisines and people.

I adore the way the capital changes, but sometimes even locals are late for some events- one can not always be on time here.


What is the best place in Moscow?

For me it is the Boulevard Ring which is always gorgeous and different. It is quite a distance to walk through, but still, there are things to do: you may listen to music, or look at photo exhibitions, or just indulge yourself with a cup of coffee on a bench and observe others. I like watching the businessmen who relax on the Ring during lunch break in summer with a tender smile on the faces. Th? Boulevard Ring is like a long oasis in the center of Moscow.


What is the best thing about being a guide?

To my mind, I am an «informer» by my destiny. I am a teacher of English and Yoga, so guiding is another way how to inform paxes about something special, positive and important. Moreover, I like to share the energy and get something back like smiles and hugs. It is some kind of lively ex-change and it is amazing.


What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

Now I am into private Yoga teaching and charging myself with new information. So a healthy lifestyle and responsibility for the world are my main interests. I also like to dig deeper into Human Design structure to understand myself and others better. Finally, I like to travel and get knowledge about this planet. I consider myself to be an Earthman, not just a Russian.

Local Guide in Krasnoyarsk

Mikhail Chistyakov, Krasnoyarsk, Trans-Siberian Railway

Misha is our guide in Krasnoyarsk. If you make the famous Trans-Siberian Railway trip with a stop in Krasnoyarsk, you may have a city tour with him and during summer time he will probably invite you to his dacha. Misha speaks Russian, English, French. Read more about “dacha experience” in a post Visit to Dacha, a Summer Country House, in Siberia.


Hi there, my name is Mikhail. I represent the Krasnoyarsk city. Well, at least 32 years of its history 🙂

What is the best place in Krasnoyarsk?

The best place in my city is the city itself. It’s really worth to see it all around. From the East to the West. Everyone will find here something interesting to do. Hiking, sport, art, history whatever.


What is the best thing about being a guide?

The best thing about being a guide for me is a possibility to show for the rest of the world that Russia is not so terrible. Siberia is not only snow, bears and ushanka.


What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

My personal hobby is what I am actually doing now: meeting new people, new impressions, intercultural communication, showing my life through my hometown. My personal interests are illegal in this country (joking – ha ha ha).

local guide Katya

Katya Pukhova, local guide in Krasnoyarsk along the Trans-Siberian Railway

Katya is our guide in Krasnoyarsk. You will probably see her if go via Trans-Siberian Railway and make a stop in Krasnoyarsk. She will show you her native city and if you come during the summertime, most probably will take you to her dacha.

Katya speaks Russian, English, German and Spanish (she is the one into languages and is a tutor for children). Read a post why you travel responsibly in Russia when taking a tour with her.


Why is Krasnoyarsk worth visiting?

I think Krasnoyarsk is not just a typical Siberian city but a big city where tourists can feel how different Russia and our people can be because my city has rich history and is surrounded by amazing and unique nature.


What is the best thing about being a guide?

Meeting new people who like traveling as I do is always a pleasure for me and I feel happy to show something interesting and some usual things for us Russian people that can be unusual for foreigners and understand that they couldn’t see and experience all that without me.


What are your personal interests/hobbies?

I’m crazy about traveling, use every opportunity to go somewhere new and try to see as much as I can) Spanish, dancing salsa and bachata and playing the piano make me feel happy as well))

local guide Dmitry

Dima Chuprikov, Baikal area, Trans-Siberian Railway

Dima will show you Irkutsk and take you around Baikal area.

Speaks Russian, English and German.


Why is your region worth visiting?

Lake Baikal is a unique place. It is deepest (1,6 km), oldest (25 million years old) and most transparent lake in the world. The huge territory of lake can be compared with the territory of Denmark and has lots of natural and historical attractions. There are many different possible activities at the lake as well.

My hometown Irkutsk is very historical. It used to be the capital of all eastern Siberia, Russian Far East and Alaska (when it was Russian). As Saint-Petersburg was the window to the West, Irkutsk was the window to the east.


What is the best thing about being a guide?

It’s extremely wonderful job. I really like meet new people from around the world and share with them my knowledge about the area of travel. Guiding gives opportunity to learn from the guests and about your place of living. It gives completely new perspective to look at life.

As a guide I have to work hard only 3-4 months a year and have lots of free time in the semi-season. Other time I can spend for myself, for travelling for example.

What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I like languages, because it’s opportunity to speak with different people and understand different cultures. I like travel of course, because for a guide it’s the first most important thing to like. And sports. As a guide for hiking, kayaking and mound biking I have to be extremely fit during the year.

oksana russian local guide

Oksana Gaevskaya, local guide in St.Petersburg

Oksana will show St Petersburg with the local’s eyes. Speaks Russian, English, some French and a little bit of Thai language.

Hi, my name is Oksana. My birthplace is a small city lockated near Ukrane with a warm climate( that I actually miss so muchhh) but that can not stop me from living in such a too-often-rainy-and-windy but still so charming and magic city as Saint-Petersburg is!)


What is the best place in St.Petersburg?

The city center is an open book that can tell you about the historical events. The streets are beautiful but the city has more that meets the eye. Special spirit that you can try to feel just don’t be too concentrated on the overcrowded Nevsky prospect and discover some side streets. It is nice to try a rooftops walking tour and have a cup of tea in a local bookstore.

What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

Being a guide is being the key that opens the door lock and helps you to see and understand this country and this culture.It is also constant sharing of ideas, stories, inspiraion, being a guide makes me feel that our life is a kaleidoscope of peoples’ stories and I am being inside it.

Meeting new people makes you move on, learn deeper about others and yourself.


What is the best thing about being a guide?

 I love traveling myself and feel the spirit of discovery.

I speak english, some french and a little bit of thai language. Feel inspired by zen buddism, russian literature and history, as well as different cultures. If you are reading this message it means you are willing to learn more about Russia and you are on a right track!

local guide Pavel

Pavel Veklich, local guide in St.Petersburg

I’m Pavel, I was born in Omsk which makes me a Siberian, so I can easily teach you ways how to tame a bear and drink some vodka with him later. I’ve moved to St. Petersburg only in 2017 and that definitely makes me a local, I already know more about the city and the stories that it holds than most of the people who were born here. I work as an audiovisual translator and it basically means that I translate various TV-series and movies.


What is the best thing to do in Saint Petersburg?

To walk down the little (and not that little) intricate streets of St Pete’s with a shawarma in one hand and a cup of tea in the other, and with your favourite music in your earphones. No, for real, this city is an open-air museum: it doesn’t matter where you go, the beauty will be everywhere around you. And you should definitely check out Volchek’s Bakery, there are lots of those spread throughout the city. It’s crazy cheap and their pies are crazy tasty.


What is the best thing about being a guide?

This is a really unique experience that I can’t get elsewhere, everything about it is priceless. I’m discovering the city and Russia itself through the tourist’s eyes, it’s an active exchange of ideas, thoughts, stories and good mood itself and all of it is first-hand. Also, let’s be honest, my job means that I have to sit and patiently tap at the computer keyboard. So this is a great change of scenery.


What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I wouldn’t be working as an audiovisual translator if I didn’t love the movies. So, here’s that, plus I’m an amateur genealogist, I’ve been making my own family tree for several years now and I’m nowhere near the end. It’s an endless process of discovering my family’s history (along with the history of my country), personal stories of success and failure. The goal is to collect everything valuable in one book and spread it across all my relatives so our personal history wouldn’t be forgotten.

Also, I love travelling, and I think that you need to explore your own country before going abroad, so that’s why I’ve hitchhiked through Russia several years ago.

You need to know that my job also means that I have to know a bit of something about everything, so I’m always open to anything new.

ExploRussia-guide Kolya

Nikolai Steinle, Moscow local guide

Nikolai speaks Russian, English and German. Nick is from the family of Russian Germans.


What is the best place to see/ thing to do in Moscow?

I like to take a bicycle in the summertime and drive to the City center through the Sparrow Hills, Gorky Park, down to the Moscow river’s embankment which is exactly my favorite place. No matter what type of transport you’ll take, bike, boat or by foot, it will lead you through main significant places of the city and will show you the best sights.


What is the best thing about being a guide?

I like to be engaged in active work and being a guide opens up many opportunities – to meet tourists from all around the world, to show them beautiful sights and objects, tell interesting stories, and see how they are amazed about architecture and hidden secret places in the city center – it all always makes me happy. It is fun to share opinions about different topics with foreign people, get to know different cultures and feel that tourists are eager to learn new.


What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I use any opportunity to travel around the world, participate in international youth projects and educational camps. I like sport – cycling, hiking, diving. And my true love is to compose and write music. I try to make art in any possible way.

ExploRussia-guide Ilya

Historian and guide Ilya Gavrilov, Moscow

Ilya will show you hidden gems along Tverskaya street, take you to Red Square and tell you many thrilling stories about Moscow. Ilya Graduated from the Moscow State Lomonosov University.


What is the best place to see/ thing to do in Moscow?

It is impossible to indicate one place. You should come to Moscow with an open head and hit the streets. On every corner, you find something new, interesting, historical. But if the walking is not for you, then take a Metro. The place, that everyone should visit. It’s an everyday transport and a museum rolled into one!


What is the best thing about being a guide?

Tour is not just information you hear, it’s more an experience. Showing Moscow, I share my culture, history, customs, and at the same time, I learn about the culture of the tourist, so this is really a mutually beneficial process.


What are your personal interests/ hobbies?

I love reading, traveling and exploring this world in any possible way.

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