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ExploRussia story started in 2012 but let us tell you about the co-founders of ExploRussia Olga, Anna, and Ruslan. They met during university times. All of them were born in different parts of the USSR. They come from varied parts of this huge country. From Siberia, the Kazakh steppe and the far, far East. In university, the three of them joined the world’s largest non-profit your-run organization AIESEC. As a result, they traveled a lot, developed a great cultural sensitivity, and gained great leadership and professional skills.

While traveling extensively throughout Europe and Asia the guys were asked a lot about Russia by their foreign friends. All these questions were connected with stereotypes, such as “Do bears walk on your streets?”, “How come you’re cold? You’re from Russia!”, or “Is it even possible to get a Russian visa without too much hassle?”

Olga, Ruslan and Anna saw the many stereotypes and misunderstandings their foreign colleagues had about Russia. Realizing that they couldn’t directly change the political or media image of their country they decided to organize tours instead. To show travellers Russia as it is, through the eyes of the locals. With a desire to show the real Russia to anyone who is interested beyond the images portrayed in the news ExploRussia was officially born in 2012. So the story of ExploRussia began.


This original idea led now today’s vision of ExploRussia, which has 2 parts:

  • To create a positive image of Russia among our guests, while they are traveling. To enhance that image through communicating with local guides and locals; visiting must-sees and hidden paths; exploring stunning and pristine Russian nature.
  • To support the Russian local economy, culture, and environment when organizing our operations; sharing the principles of sustainable tourism.

Now ExploRussia is a team of young entrepreneurs and professionals. We are probably the only innovative Russian tour-operator, who shows both the historical must-visit sights, whilst revealing the modern side of Russia that has a creative vibe and positive people. Sounds exciting? Don’t hesitate to spread ExploRussia’s story and explore Russia yourself!

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