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Russian cities

“Russia – the most beautiful country” photo contest

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“The most beautiful country” photo contest is the one held by the Russian Geographical Society, uniting the best photographers of Russia. By the way, the first photos of Tibet that brought to National Geographic magazine worldwide fame were taken by the members of the Russian Geographical Society, Gombozha Tsybikov and Ovshé Norzunov.

An unforgettable experience in the Republic of Buryatia

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Untypical Russia: Buryatia Have you heard about the Republic of Buryatia region before? To locate it on the map, you need to turn your head right to the Eastern Siberia, find Lake Baikal and spot a dot with the name Ulan-Ude next to it. It’s to the southeast of Baikal. Found it? Ulan-Ude is the…

Eco-friendly Hotels in Russia

a bedroom with a large bed in a hotel room

We won’t mislead you. Traveling green in Russia is not simple. You will hardly find eco-labeled products, sustainable tour operators, and certified hotels. Finding eco-friendly hotels in Russia will be time-consuming, and in the end, it will probably not be 100% green. But still, it’s worth the effort! International hotel chains or locally-owned guesthouses?

9 interesting facts about Russia

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Russia has everything that can interest travelers of all age groups and individual preferences. It is a mysterious country with a “wide open soul”. It is huge and dominant, welcoming and outrageous, magnificent and stunning, proud and self-criticizing. If Russia were a person it would be one of the most contradictory personalities you ever knew….

Best Restaurants in Moscow with a view

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Moscow is not one of those places where you can easily find a good observation deck. And unlike many European cities where you often don’t have to pay a penny for a good view, in Moscow it can cost you 10 or 20 USD. In fact, if you are willing to pay it, we certainly…

UEFA EURO 2020 St Petersburg

a woman wearing a costume

UEFA Euro 2020 is the European football championship that will be held across the whole continent. Everyone can watch Euro 2020 matches in 12 host cities. In the final tournament, there will be 24 teams. EURO 2020 qualifying started in March and on November 30 there was a toss-up. Based on its results, there are…

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Russia during the Trans-Siberian Railway tour

a close up of a snow covered mountain

Probably every person on the planet wanted to visit Russia at least once in his or her life. Everyone knows about this country due to its huge territory, rich long history, and celebrated culture. But how can you plan a trip to Russia if you want to see more than one city? There are Moscow,…

The most famous art museums in Russia

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Once Winston Churchill described Russia as “is a riddle wrapped in a mystery.” We don’t want to argue with the classic but we believe that there is a good way to discover enigmatic and at the same time the rich and deep cultural Russia. Exploring Russia thought the best art museums is an absolutely eye-opening…

Russian E-visa Guide

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Want to plan your Russia tour with minimum effort, money, and paperwork? We have very good news for you! Starting in October 2019 if you are a citizen of these 53 countries, you will be able to visit St Petersburg with a free electronic visa (Russian e-visa). For now, citizens of these 53 countries have…

Best 7 Places for Breakfast in Moscow

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Eating out for breakfast in Moscow becomes more and more popular. A lot of restaurants and cafes keep up with this trend and offer special menus to start your day on a positive note. We have personally picked the best 7 places for you to have breakfast in Moscow!   Metropol   Even if you…