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Local Experience

New Year in Siberia

Everybody all over the world is looking forward to the most wonderful days of the year – Christmas and New Year holidays. a group of people that are standing in the snow These days make you feel…

Wassily Kandinsky – the Father of Abstract Art

Wassily Kandinsky wearing a suit and tie

Wassily Kandinsky – a representative of the avant-garde world, one of the founders of the abstract painting. He was the first to create the theory based on the principles of new art. His largely autobiographical painting has passed the difficult path from the subject to the abstract through personal upheavals and tragedies of the era….

Matryoshka – is it really a Russian doll?

a group of colorful balloons

Matryoshka is the most favorite Slavic gift and souvenir from Russia, but not everyone knows the history of this toy.  It is not only a decoration or a souvenir. Keep reading to learn more about the history of these Russian gifts.  What is Matryoshka?  It is a set of seven wooden dolls of decreasing size,…

Peter the Great, was he really so great?

a clock hanging from a pole

June 9 marks the 348th anniversary of the birth of Peter the Great, the great reformer of Russia, and the founder of the city of St Petersburg. Emperor Peter the Great, in Russia we call him also Peter the 1st (1672-1725), made a real technical and cultural revolution in the country. He was the first…

“Russia – the most beautiful country” photo contest

a close up of an owl

“The most beautiful country” photo contest is the one held by the Russian Geographical Society, uniting the best photographers of Russia. By the way, the first photos of Tibet that brought to National Geographic magazine worldwide fame were taken by the members of the Russian Geographical Society, Gombozha Tsybikov and Ovshé Norzunov.

Boost your energy! 7 videos that will inspire you to come to Russia

a herd of cattle walking across a body of water

So far, the most extreme thing in our life is a trip to the local store nearby or a walk with a dog, we offer to overcome the lack of adventure with our selection of great youtube films made in Russia.  We selected 8 videos from trips to different parts of Russia. We recommend making…

5 most popular Russian cuisine recipes that everybody can cook

a sandwich sitting on top of a wooden cutting board

When we travel around the world we always visit new restaurants or meet locals to learn more about local food as it is part of the culture of any country. Our tourists always ask for advice on what food to try, what are the most popular Russian cuisine recipes. Some tourists join our home-cooking class…

The Russian drinking toasts

a group of people sitting at a table

Today we will talk about Russian drinking toasts that usually people say during the parties and festive home dinners. If you were invited to a Russian party and you don’t know how to make a good toast, then this article is for you! The history of the toast. In Russia, the word “toast” came from…

Olivier or Russian salad

a bowl of food on a table

What foods should I try in Russia? What are some quintessential Russian dishes? All these questions arise when you come to Russia or just want to cook something really Russian. We want to tell you about the easiest Russian salad called Olivier salad. The famous salad, essential for Russian traditional cuisine, known all over the…

8 most interesting film adaptations of Russian literature

Paul Dano, Lily James posing for the camera

Russian literature plays an important role in the country’s cultural heritage. It usually goes with the epithet “the great one”. Foreign directors admire the mysterious Russian soul and sometimes even try to transfer Russian classics to their own reality. Some film adaptations are really worth watching.  We at ExploRussia adore Russian literature, so we made…