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Right clothes to keep you warm during winter in Siberia

Hi everyone! We would like to invite you for our Winter Lake Baikal Tour which starts on 14th of February 2022.
I know you must be thinking, omg, this is Siberia and winter! I have no clue what to wear! Usually in February in Siberia the weather may vary between -15 and -20C. The answer to how to get warm in such temperatures is you need to put on layers. Start with baselayer, then something from wool, like a sweater, and then outerwear winter jacket, cap, scarf and gloves. So I have prepared a list, what to wear and what to pack, so you feel warm outside no matter what the weather will be. And we have put pictures of our kids to attract your attention πŸ™‚

Pasha on ice of frozen Lake Baikal

Right jacket.
You have to have a winter jacket. It can be with down or other modern eco materials; it should cover your hips and might reach your knees. This length will be comfortable to stay active and to be warm.

Pasha on ice of Lake Baikal
Right pants
You may choose pants similar to those for skiing or snowboarding. They should be comfortable to walk and move. Normally they protect from getting wet.

Pasha with a snowman in his winter outfit

Right boots
You need to have winter boots. There are options with modern eco-materials or natural materials (leather and fur). Choose what suits your values, wallet and taste. In sports and winter gear clothing shops now there are boots available for any extreme weather. Don’t forget about socks! We recommend two layers of those.

Nikita and Lena in winter outfit

Right baselayer
Super idea is to have thermal top and bottoms. Anyway you would need the second layer underneath your pants, those might be tights. But with thermal top and bottoms you are 100% protected.

Right cap
And a scarf and gloves. Cap should contain wool as well as scarf. Gloves ideally should be waterproof. Or take several pairs of gloves. In Russia we also love mittens for winter, they keep you warm and remind us of old times πŸ™‚

Pasha in winter cap

There are many brands who sell winter clothes, such as The North Face, Patagonia, Columbia, Decathlon and many more. Choose what is available in your country. Check with the consultant in the store or read carefully online when purchasing, for which weather the cloth is. It should suit -15, -20 C.

What else should go as well to your suitcase:
Skin protection. Creams and sunscreens.
As the climate is severe your skin can get dry at the end of the day, so you would really like to soften it. There are even special creams to protect skin from cold, check them out. Or any rich nourishing cream will go well. Balm for lips will be suitable too even during the day. Moreover, the sun is bright and usually the days are sunny, also snow and ice reflects sun, so you would really need to put some sunscreen on your face at the beginning of the day! Take your sunglasses too!
Go with less plastic.
Take your cup and a thermos is a great idea, so you can use your items during day trips while eating outdoors!