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Quick Details

Adult 12+ y.o.

Explore St. Petersburg by Night with Local Guides!

Our St. Petersburg city tour is a great chance to feel how locals live in such a contrast between glorious facades and hipster abandoned Soviet factories. Your guide will help you discover the city’s weird and wonderful sights.

Tour highlights:

  • Discover the most beautiful metro stations built during Stalin’s time as palaces for the people.
  • Come and see the first railway station in Russia.
  • Enjoy an off-the-beaten-track walk with your local guide.
  • Learn how to properly drink traditional vodka.

You’ll start at the main square in the city next to the Winter Palace (The Hermitage museum). This is the heart of the city where all the most important events take place, which makes it the best starting point for a local tour.

The first part of the tour will be dedicated to public transport in St. Petersburg. Have you ever heard that our metro and railway stations are true pieces of art that sometimes make you feel like you’re in a museum?

During our St. Petersburg city tour by night, we cannot miss trendy hipster places, so the next part of your tour goes off the beaten track. To feel like a local, you need to have some local habits, and your guide will teach some of them with great pleasure.