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Quick Details

Adult 12+ y.o.
Child from 7 to 11 y.o.
Infant from 0 to 6 y.o.

See the Real Russian Winter in the Taiga Forest!

It’s time to discover the Lake Baikal ice that you’ve seen on Instagram, Facebook, ads, and films! Find numerous CO2 bubbles, skate on the largest ice rink in the world, enjoy bizarre ice forms, and have an unforgettable experience during the Lake Baikal ice tour!

Tour Highlights:

  • See what the real Russian winter is like.
  • Enjoy the Taiga Forest.
  • Explore a small village and learn how the locals live in such extreme conditions.
  • Enjoy ice skating on Lake Baikal. The ice is transparent and so beautiful.
  • Witness CO2 bubbles stuck in the layers of Baikal ice.
  • Try traditional Siberian cuisine.

Let our Lake Baikal ice tour begin! Together with your local private guide, you will head to a small Siberian village on the shore of Lake Baikal. On the way, you will enjoy the real Siberian Taiga Forest, with its snow-covered trees sparkling in the sun.

The trip takes two hours from Irkutsk. You will learn many surprising stories about locals, the Siberian way of life, and Lake Baikal.

After 123 km, you will explore the village and have your first step on the turquoise ice. It’s completely safe. The ice thickness is 6 – 7 meters!

This is the most amazing ice skating rink in the world. Take your chance, and take your best photos of the year! It will be fun!

Full of happiness and joy, you will go to a local cafe to share your emotions and have lunch. Time to try traditional Siberian cuisine. After lunch, full of energy, it’s time to come back to Irkutsk and say goodbye to Lake Baikal!