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Join one of the World’s greatest train journeys to explore Russia’s complexity and diversity

Our Trans-Siberian Winter Railway Russian holidays train tour is not an option for travelers with soft nerves. It’s adventurous and challenging! Spend one week on the train tour and then another one in the Siberian part of Russia. Get to know the indigenous culture and experience famous Siberian winter.

Winter Trans-Siberian Tour Highlights:

  • Take a guided sightseeing tour around Moscow, visit its most important tourist attractions and warm yourself up over a home dinner with Muscovites
  • Spend a week traveling along the Trans-Siberian railway. Relax, read books, drink tea, chat with your companions and enjoy Russian snowy landscape
  • Get to know the Asian part of Russia by visiting Buryats and learning about their culture

Stretch your limits and have a singular adventure! Jump on the world’s longest train route to experience Russian complexity and diversity. Get to know the biggest country in the world, cross several time zones, and pass through countless Siberian cities, towns, and villages. Experience winter you can’t even imagine and see taiga fully covered with snow. Feel the Russian culture, meet its people and acquaint with Russia from a different perspective.

Start your Trans-Siberian Winter  Russian holidays train tour in Moscow, Russia capital and the center of the Russian culture, economics and politics. Visit the most important cultural and historical attractions and get to know the life of an average Muscovite. Then start the proper Trans-Siberian railway winter train tour and spend a truly unforgettable week on train tour, have a chance to learn Russia through the eyes of its people. Finally, arrive in Vladivostok the most eastern point of Russia and the Trans-Siberian railway.

Read our article below about the reasons why to travel Trans-Siberian in winter.

Trans-Siberian Railway Tour Plan