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Quick Details

Adult 12+ y.o.
Child from 7 to 11 y.o.
Infant from 0 to 6 y.o.

Visit Yasnaya Polyana, the Home of Leo Tolstoy!

We invite you on a trip following the life of Leo Tolstoy by exploring his cradle and alma mater — Yasnaya Polyana.

Tour Highlights:

  • Discover the rural life of Central Russia.
  • Expert highlights about Tolstoy on the tour to Yasnaya Polyana and Tula
  • Stop at Tula’s Museum of Weapons.
  • Explore Tula’s Kremlin territory.
  • Learn about Russia’s first Armament Plant built by Demidovs.
  • Taste the famous and delicious Tula gingerbread (pryanik in Russian).

Yasnaya Polyana is the place where the legendary writer was born and lived with his family. Our tour to Yasnaya Polyana and Tula is a great choice for a weekend. It is just 200 km (2-hour ride) away from Moscow, the capital of Russia. We will have a nice car ride with conversations and literature discussions. When you see beautiful natural scenery, you know we are in Yasnaya Polyana. We will proceed to the fascinating tour revealing Tolstoy’s life. After we learn a lot of extraordinary facts about Leo Tolstoy, his famous War and Peace novel, and his mansion, we will have lunch and head to Tula.

Tula is an 850-year-old city famous for its gingerbread and armories. We will enjoy walking along its ancient streets with new constructions and explore Tula’s Kremlin and Samovar Museum (another world-renowned Russian symbol). After that, we will hear the story of the first Armament Plant built by Demidovs. It is the oldest museum in the city, showcasing the history of weapons since 1724! Of course, we will try Tula’s pride and invention, gingerbread, which will make a great last brush stroke on our picture of Russia.

Learn more about Leo Tolstoy as a trendsetter of his times and his estate.