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Adult 18+ y.o.

Learn Special Russian Toasts on a Vodka Tour

One thing that’s true about the Russian capital is that Moscow never sleeps! What’s not true is that Russians only drink vodka.

Vodka Tour Highlights:

  • Discover Moscow’s cosy and historical district around Myasnitskaya Street.
  • Learn about local specialties and drinking culture.
  • Try craft beer, nastoiki, and local homemade appetizers.
  • Feel like a Russian as you say the toast “Za zdorovie!”

During the tour, you will learn about the myths and traditions of the Russian drinking culture. It is more than just the usual bar hopping. In a relaxing atmosphere with our best private guide, you will visit a bar with a big choice of craft beers. You will visit a very authentic restaurant with Jewish home-style cuisine like in Odessa, where you will learn about drinking etiquette and try a pair of shots with super delicious homemade appetizers. Then you will find yourself in a bar that looks like a secret service bar for spies, and here you’ll try traditional Russian nastoika (infused alcoholic beverage)

Have an opportunity to learn about Russians while having a good time in the great company of an ExploRussia guide. Do not forget to ask your guide about the best bars and restaurants in Moscow to include in your must-see list.