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  • Online experience!


Quick Details

Adult 12+ y.o.

Discover Siberia with ExploRussia Co-Founder Anna!

Take this opportunity to find yourself in a Siberian village located 300 km away from the magnificent lake Baikal with an online tour! Explore the Irkutsk Region. Anna’s parents live there, and they’re passing down the family traditions of keeping domestic animals and beekeeping from generation to generation.

Tour Highlights:

  • Spend an hour exploring a Siberian village atmosphere without even leaving your apartment.
  • Learn more about everyday life in the Siberian village.
  • Say hi to hens and rabbits who live at Anna’s, and play with a dog!
  • Get to know some secrets of the traditional Russian house and stove.
  • Ask any questions you have about Russia, engage, and have a great time.

Learn about everyday life in the village, see rabbits, hens, and a dog. Invite your children to join us! Anna will also tell you about homemade jams and other preserves and honey. Learn about planting a vegetable and fruit garden.

This is a unique chance to interact with locals and learn what the real Russia is like with its people, traditions, and culture. Enjoy a good time with Anna in a Siberian village!

To join the online Siberian village tour:

  1. Book the tour
  2. At the arranged time, we call you via Zoom and our fun begins!