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Travel on the World’s Finest Railway from Beijing to Moscow via Ulan Bator

Taking the Trans-Mongolian railway is a unique chance to immerse in three different cultures in just one journey, pass around 8000 km (5000 miles) and cross out one major point on your bucket list.

Trans-Mongolian Railway Tour Highlights:

  • Discover three unique cultures in one epic journey
  • Visit magnificent nature sights: Khustai National Park in Mongolia, legendary Baikal lake, Stolby Nature reserve, Deer Stream reserve and other
  • Get the real feel of culture by visiting Nomad community in Mongolia and Buryat family in Ulan-Ude
  • See the cleanest water of Baikal Lake, enjoy the beauty of Taiga nature
  • Prepare and enjoy traditional Russian cuisine with your local hosts in Moscow
  • Explore the Muslim side of Russia by visiting Kazan
  • Walk along ancient Red Square and see Moscow Kremlin with your own eyes
  • Cross 8000 km through and three countries borders. Discover rich ancient heritage along with a dynamic modern life of China, Mongolia and finally Russia

After you are finished exploring magical China you will hop on the train to Mongolia, the land of the steppe. There you will not only see the modern technology-driven Ulan Bator but also Mongolia’s ancient culture while visiting real Nomad community. Khustai National Park will definitely be one of the highlights of the trip with its wild nature and super cute yet very strong Takhi horses.

Most of the Trans-Mongolian Railway tour, however, will take place along the longest railway in the World in Russia. From magnificent Baikal lake, the deepest freshwater lake on the planet, you will cover 5500 km up to the Russian capital, Moscow. Along the way, you will explore the Buryat culture and its delicious cuisine. You will visit grand Krasnoyarsk Stolby nature reserve, Deer Stream nature park of Yekaterinburg, magnificent Sviyajsk settlement.  And finally, you will be impressed by the best landmarks in Moscow.

Treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime trip along Trans-Mongolian railway!

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