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Fabulous St Petersburg Tour

Fabulous St Petersburg Tour

$1360 per person

Join St Petersburg Tour to explore imperial and modern side!


Visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the most European in Russia. St Petersburg has everything which makes any holiday an extraordinary experience: impressive architecture, stunning nature, exciting history, rich culture, high art and great nightlife. Join St Petersburg tour to enjoy imperial and modern side! Plan your visit during UEFA EURO 2020 with us! Visiting St Petersburg is now easier, just apply for a free electronic visa!


St Petersburg, commonly known as Northern Venice, is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the most European in Russia. It used to be the capital of the Russian Empire from the time of Peter the Great for more than 200 years until it was moved back to Moscow in 1918.  St Petersburg Tour offers the most important tourist attractions but through the eyes of locals.


Tour Highlights:


  • Take a guided tour around the city center. Visit all the major tourist attractions. Nevsky prospect which is the very heart of St Petersburg, its main highway, famous throughout the world. Enjoy the beauty of Kazan Cathedral, Church of the Savior on the Spilt Blood which is both an Orthodox church and a memorial monument, reminiscent of one of the tragic pages in the history of Russia,  St. Isaac’s Cathedral.
  • Visit impressive exhibits in Hermitage. Today the Hermitage has nearly 3 million exhibits: paintings, graphics, sculptures, applied art, a collection of numismatics and archaeological sites. Get a glimpse of Russian contemporary art and enjoy Russian ballet in the famous Mariinsky Theatre.
  • Enjoy the magnificent Peterhof. Peterhof was founded at the very beginning of the XVIII century by Emperor Peter the Great. It became one of the most luxurious summer royal residences and a symbol of Russia’s conquest of access to the Baltic Sea. Learn about St Petersburg’s exciting history and discover the extravagance of Russia’s Imperial rulers, the Tsars.
  • Go for a day trip to the island-town of Kronstadt, one of the main seaports of St Petersburg. It’s a small town with a complex and amazing fate, located northwest of St Petersburg on the small island of Kotlin in the Gulf of Finland.
  • Destination
  • Departure
    pick-up from the hotel in St.Petersburg or airport
  • Departure Time
    will be confirmed after the booking
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable clothing, shoes, hat, warm clothing depending on the season.
  • Included
    accommodation in 3* or 4* hotels with breakfast
    Airport Transfers
    Personal Guide
    Private tours in cities
  • Not Included
    entry fees in museums
    Food and Beverages
    Train stations transfers
    Train tickets
Day 1: Welcome

Arrive in St Petersburg and meet ExploRussia’s rep. Go to the hotel and check in. In the evening you could have a rest after the flight and explore the city on your own.


Alternatively, depending on your arrival time and personal interests, we can also take you for a walking tour around the city center to get the first glimpse of St Petersburg by night, a bar crawl, or a folk show (optional activities).

St Petersburg tour

Day 2: Introduction to St Petersburg

Start your day with a sightseeing St Petersburg tour. Explore the most beautiful and impressive city attractions but also get a more local taste of the city’s life. Pass by small, cozy cafes and indie bars, discover graffiti in the courtyards and by gorgeous side-streets. Walk along Nevsky Prospekt, the main street of St Petersburg, with countless shops, restaurants, and hotels. Visit the Kazan Cathedral – one of the most picturesque churches on Nevsky. Take a picture of the colorful and breathtaking Church of the Savior on the Spilt Blood, take in the cityscape from the top of the colonnade of St Isaac’s Cathedral. Besides its significance as a tourist attraction, it is also a space for local live concerts, festivals (including a sand festival in the summer) and romantic walks at sunset.


After lunch, explore the modern life of St Petersburg’s citizens by visiting New Holland Island. The man-made island was formed in 1730 by the order of Peter the Great. Initially, the island was used for storing lumber for ship building, and for some time it was even a prison. Nowadays space has been completely renovated: combining its historic style with a modern touch, it aims to become a central part of the lives of city residents. There you can enjoy different outdoor activities: sports, master-classes, cultural events and projects, exhibitions and much more.


In winter and during bad weather conditions, instead of New Holland Island, you will visit Center of Modern Art Etazhi – a great opportunity to get to know the modern, trendy and hip lifestyle of the city. Enjoy the exhibitions, art installations, fashion shops of young Russian designers and have a meal in their cozy cafeteria.


For the perfect close to the day, we suggest a visit to the famous Mariinsky Theatre for one of its incredible performances.


St Petersburg tour Kazan Cathedral

Day 3: Hermitage

Today visit the Hermitage – one of the biggest and oldest museums of art and culture in the world. Its collections feature over 3 million masterpieces, representing the development of world culture and art from the Stone Age to the 20th century. The museum’s main building is the Winter Palace, a former residence of the Russian emperor; you won’t miss it because all excursions to Hermitage start exactly from this point.


In the evening you will get a chance to see the city from another angle, exploring St Petersburg’s numerous rivers and channels during a boat trip. Enjoy the gorgeous architecture of the city and the beautiful buildings situated right on the banks of its rivers and canals. Alternatively, you can choose a night walk around St Petersburg to see the raising of its bridges. This happens every day and is so impressive that locals and tourists alike gather around to see them open, beautifully illuminated. An evening spent on the riverbank is also a chance to chill out, get to know new people and listen to street music performed by local artists.


St Petersburg tour Hermitage

Day 4: Peterhof

First thing in the morning you will leave to the Peterhof Palace, commonly known as the “Russian Versailles”, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Peterhof is a series of majestic palaces and colorful gardens located near Saint Petersburg: for 200 years it served as a summer residence of the Russian monarchs. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was a setting for majestic receptions, grand festivities, balls, concerts, and masquerades. Visit the Grand Palace, the Mon Plaisir Palace, walk around 150 beautiful fountains and the Upper and Lower Parks, and see the shore of the Gulf of Finland. It’s a magical place with a magical atmosphere!


Optionally afterward we invite you to the Russian village to get to know Russian roots and traditions. Learn about traditional crafts and challenge yourself during the workshops. Try delicious Russian cuisine, and one of the most famous dishes – blini, Russian pancakes.


St Petersburg tour Petergof

Day 5: Kronstadt

Today you will explore the small island-town of Kronstadt. Founded by Peter the Great in 1704, situated in the Gulf of Finland not far from St Petersburg, it is one of the main seaports of St Petersburg. Kronstadt's historical center was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1990. Begin your discovery of the area of Kronstadt by “Meteor”, a fast boat. Enjoy picturesque views of Neva River and the Finish Gulf. Afterwards, go for a sightseeing tour around the town to see the main sights and attractions: the Naval Cathedral, dockyards and foundries (including the abandoned dock of Peter the Great), Tolbukhin lighthouse, and a tide gauge (a device for measuring the change in sea level relative to a datum, used for Baltic countries). Take a walk along numerous Kronstadt canals and finish your stay with lunch in one of the local authentic canteens.


After lunch, go back to St Petersburg. In the evening meet the alternative and modern side of the city in one of its popular local bars. Listen to a live concert, relax and have a farewell drink.


St Petersburg tour Kronshtadt

Day 6: Farewell

It’s time to finish your Fabulous St Petersburg Tour and say goodbye to ExploRussia’s team. Check out from the hotel and drive to the airport to fly back home. Depending on your flight, you may use the last day to walk along your favorite places in St Petersburg and have a farewell lunch in one of the unique restaurants in the city center. ExploRussia’s guide will provide you with tips where else to go and what to do in St Petersburg.


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