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Russian cuisine home cooking experience online

Russian cuisine home cooking experience online

$20 $0 per person

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Home Cooking Online Tour Highlights:


  • Explore Russian cuisine scene for 2,5 hours. We start at 7 pm Moscow time (UTC+3)
  • Learn the art of home-cooked Russian salad Olivier.
  • Enjoy a friendly atmosphere as if you are a guest of the family.
  • Get a glimpse of daily life in Russia!
  • Get an email with the most popular recipes of the Russian cuisine after the tour so that you can cook Russian delicacies later yourself

To join the tour online: 


  1. Fill in the request form on the site.
  2. Our manager contacts you to arrange the day and time of the online tour.
  3. Our manager sends you the shopping list with the products to be prepared beforehand.
  4. On the arranged time we call you via Zoom (the link will be sent beforehand) and our fun begins!
  5. Turn on your camera, wash your hands, and let’s share the energy and cooking experience! We want to see you and become friends!

We invite you to spend time in an online tour with Olga and her family! 


It is a part of every ExploRussia tour that co-founders of ExploRussia invite our guests for a welcome breakfast or a farewell dinner, or make a cooking class during their tours to Russia. Russian cuisine home cooking experience online is a good chance to feel unique and feel as if you are in Russia at any time and staying at home. The only thing you need is a cell phone with a camera, skype, facebook or whatsapp. We will send you the shopping list beforehand.


Learn how to cook traditional Russian cuisine and try the most typical Russian dishes during Russian cuisine home cooking experience online! Enjoy cooking and eating typical Russian menu while chatting with your Russian hosts.


You will cook traditional Russian dishes, depending on the day and your wishes. For example Monday is a salad day and you will learn how to cook the legendary Olivier salad, on Wednesday we usually cook Borscht, Friday is a dessert day and you will learn the secret granny’s recipe of a super tasty pie. Anyway we are open to your ideas, in case you have some. 


And here comes the best part – after you have successfully cooked the dish, you will be able to enjoy the meal you have made over a family table together with Olga and her family online.  Take your chance to speak about Russian culture, traditions, what Russians love and hate about their homeland, what they think about different social issues and current politics. 


We believe that only by interacting with locals, you are able to discover real Russia and its people. So, spend lovely time with Olga and her family, cook traditional Russian dish and learn the Russian truth, something more than shown on the news.


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