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Irkutsk and Lake Baikal Day Tour

Irkutsk and Lake Baikal Day Tour

$145 per person

Explore the magnificent Lake Baikal and have a city tour off the beaten path in Irkutsk!


Irkutsk is a unique, ancient city, an ancient crossroads of trade routes, the capital of Eastern Siberia. This is a great opportunity to join Lake Baikal full day tour with friendly local guides and learn as much as locals know about this area. 

Tour Highlights:


  • Explore Lake Baikal  the biggest, the deepest, the oldest lake in the world
  • Visit Taltsy open-air museum and see the real Shaman yurts
  • Visit Listvyanka village and have a picnic near the Lake
  • Wet your arms in the clearest waters in the world and make a wish
  • Have an insight into local cuisine, try local fish, pastry, sbiten, craft-beer  and Siberian dumplings
  • have a walking tour in Irkutsk, exploring the must-sees and hidden gems

Early in the morning, you will head to the Listvyanka village together with your private guide. Listvyanka is an amazing place that combines the comfort and dynamics of civilization and the calm and smooth flow of Lake Baikal waters, the harmony of the mountain landscape, the silence of the taiga forest. 


On the way after an hour, you will take your first stop in Taltsy museum. This is an open-air museum complex. Four historical and cultural zones were recreated here: Russian, Buryat, Evenki and Tofalar. Get to know about the culture and everyday life of the peoples of the Baikal region.


Have you ever heard about sbiten? This is a special traditional beverage namely herbal tea with berries. It’s time to try it with local pastry, pancakes, or pies.


On a taxi, you will head to Lake Baikal shores. Lake Baikal is the most famous lake in Russia with amazing nature. In addition to the fact that Lake Baikal is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Lake Baikal is a place of power. Make a wish, and the energy of Baikal will help it to come true.


Baikal is more like a sea than a lake. Baikal is considered the deepest lake on the planet. The water in it is clean, rich in oxygen and very cold. In summer, the maximum temperature does not exceed +10 degrees. Take a chance to wet your hands in water if the weather permits and feel the energy of this sacred water. 


During this walk go to the observation point and enjoy the beauty of Listvyanka, Lake Baikal and the Shaman Rock. The Shaman Rock is a subject of many legends and mysterious stories about Baikal, in the past people also believed it has miraculous power. 


After making way around Lisviyanka, you will also visit an unusual small local museum and have a picnic! It will be on a picnic spot or in a cute cafe nearby. Try fresh and tasty local fish or other snacks and listen to more legends about these places.


Now it’s time to come back to Irkutsk city center. Modern Irkutsk is a historical city, successfully combining the greatness and originality of the historical center and modern buildings, the traditions of the most intelligent and cultural Siberian city. 


Back in the city, you will have a chance to learn more about the history of the city with a glass of craft beer in a local bar. And what about dinner? For dinner today we offer to try local Siberian dumplings. We called them pelmeni. Pelmeni have different fillings, meat, poultry, potatoes, vegetables. We are sure you’ll love them!


After that take a walk along the only pedestrian street in the city, along the streets with must-see historic wooden houses, and enjoy the beauty of the Angara river. Walking along the modern embankment, your guide will show you more of the city’s sights and you learn one of the best ways to spend your free time in Irkutsk.


Your Lake Baikal day tour with the ExploRussia guide is coming to an end, but you have a chance to continue exploring the city and your guide will be happy to suggest some memorable places to check out. 



Local English-speaking guide, 

a ticket to Taltsy museum, 

snack in Taltsy museum (pancake with tea), 

a snack of smoked omul fish at the bay of Baikal (there are vegetarian options available), 

public transport tickets, 

a taxi ride from Taltsy museum to Listvyanka, 

a ticket to museum in Listvyanka, 

snack (dumplings) in the evening, 

and drinks in Irkutsk 




Additional food and drinks, shopping for souvenirs, 

tips for the guide


Additional Information:


Children between the ages of 6 and 11 inclusively are permitted on this tour.

The price for the tour is 90 EUR.

Children under the age of 6 are permitted to join the tour free of charge. 

For the evening part of the tour, children under 18 years old are allowed only with parent or guardian and won’t be permitted to drink any of the alcoholic drinks.

  • Departure
    Main entrance to Central market (Центральный рынок, главный вход) in Irkutsk. Address: Litvinova, 17.
  • Departure Time
    09.30 a.m.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable clothing, shoes, hat, warm clothing depending on the season.
  • Included
    entry fees in museums
    Food and Beverages
    Personal Guide
    Private tours in cities
  • Not Included
    accommodation in 3* or 4* hotels with breakfast
    Airport Transfers
    Train stations transfers
    Train tickets


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