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Russia private tours online

Join our Russia private tours online with ExploRussia co-founders Anna and Olga! With the help of Zoom, Facebook or Whatsapp you may travel to Russia staying at home. Let’s take this amazing opportunity of the XXI century.


You will find yourself in a cozy atmosphere of Olga’s family at her kitchen in her Moscow apartment, cooking traditional Russian cuisine dishes. It may be Olivier salad, Borscht or any Russian dish you once dreamed to cook.  And the next day you may travel thousands of kilometers away from the Russian capital and enjoy the beauty of Siberian nature of Irkutsk Region. Anna is ready to show her family’s apiary and share the secrets of beekeeping.


Experience Russia in a company of ExploRussia co-finders, enjoy our special attitude and personal approach, ask any questions about Russia and feel as if you were in Russia.

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