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The Top 8 Moscow Bars


The bar industry is rapidly gaining its popularity in Moscow. There are a lot of outstanding Moscow bars that are glamour, splendor, posh clubs with overpriced cocktails.  There is also a great choice of casual Moscow bars perfect for a relaxed evening with friends. Those who appreciate good food and tasty drinks are welcomed to Wine Bars. For the lovers of cozy atmosphere and delicious beverages, there is a number of places with the diverse cocktail menu. And finally, fans of perfect combination of music and yummy dishes and drinks, should visit Live Music Bars.
The big city offers a large selection of styles, formats and ideas so check our list of the top 8 Bars in Moscow.

Noor Bar

Authentic Noor Bar has a great location for both tourists and locals. Noor Bar attracts visitors with its diversity in the menu and pretty stylish design. Especially you’ll be impressed with fantastic beverages which are offered on a cocktail menu.  One more thing you can witness here is great work of bartenders who are real masters of cocktails’ production. Try the legendary Mosow Mule from the list!



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Mendeleev Bar

Mendeleev Bar is a place which will definitely conquer your heart from the very moment you come inside.
Face control is the first thing which is worth mentioning. The very fact of its existence gives a little mystery as if Mafiosi are sitting in the basement. It is rather intriguing.
Undoubtedly you will find here a surprising choice of drinks in the cocktail list. Your heart will start beating faster from pleasure and savoring of delicate and incredible cocktails prepared by creative bartenders.



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Strelka Bar

Strelka Bar is a cozy urban space for warm and informal communication. This bar represents an oasis of well combined eclectic interior with elements of Art Deco and notes of Italy and Scandinavia.
Strelka Bar is not just a Moscow bar; it is more like an unstoppable party. Sitting on the terrace you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Moscow River and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. Delicious cuisine and beverages from a cocktail menu, as well as vodka and wine, make a perfect tandem for free-and-easy pastime. Feel the fascinating atmosphere of an eternal holiday! At the weekends, the bar organizes live music concerts of Russian and foreign groups.


Nude. Coffee & Wine Bar

Located in a 1930s apartment building, this place can be definitely called one of the most favorite among locals.. Nude. Coffee & Wine Bar attracts people with its family atmosphere and diverse menu of food and drinks. It offers a wide choice of wine and beverages from a cocktail list.



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Birds Bar

Birds Bar is former Insight Bar. It is a perfect place for the special Moscow view lovers combined with tasty meal and Live Music in the evening. The dinner will be complemented by a pleasant romantic atmosphere. Once you come here, you’ll never forget all the hospitality and diversity of Moscow!


Kamchatka Bar

It’s not the quality of food, drinks, design (in a soviet style) or even music, which makes you go there and come back again, but the mind-blowing atmosphere that is created. The place is unique among all Moscow bars especially during summer. People stand outside, enjoy a beer or shot of vodka, chat with friends, mingle with strangers, or dance on the street in the heart of Moscow. Kamchatka is fun, easygoing bar with cheap alcohol and good mixture of locals and tourists. Go, forget yourself and enjoy!


Mersedes Bar

Visiting Mersedes Bar you’ll be amazed with gorgeous views of Moscow from all sides! It offers delicious cuisine, the wine and cocktail menu is quite extensive. Night, lights, music and tasty menu, what else do you need for an unforgettable evening in Moscow!

I like wine

You’ll fall in love with I like wine from the very moment you come inside! Interesting design, almost antique lighting of vintage lamps and cozy atmosphere will undoubtedly impress you. Unlike other Moscow bars it has its own parking, open kitchen and chic wine with the right serving and hearty breakfasts. It also serves especially delicious beverages which are available on the cocktail menu.