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winter activity

Baikal Dog Sledding

You can experience the overwhelming beauty of the Siberian taiga forest and Lake Baikal by covering several tens of kilometers of snowfields and transparent ice. There is a breathtaking way to get around on Lake Baikal that allows you to not only travel significant distances quickly, but also at the same time feel perfect harmony…

50 shades of Baikal ice

Winter is coming, so it’s the time to plan your trip to the capital of Eastern Siberia – Irkutsk, as this city is a gateway to Baikal. We welcome you to join our winter Lake Baikal tour to see one of the marvels of the world – Baikal ice. What is it so unusual about…

Baikal Diving: the Lake from inside

Yes, you’ve already learned what Baikal is. This is an incredibly beautiful lake in Siberia, it is fresh, clean and  rich in its flora and fauna. And there is only one way to get to know Baikal even better – to dive in Baikal!   photo from Travel blogger Dive To See Diversity You…

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