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Transsibirische Eisenbahn

An unforgettable experience in the Republic of Buryatia

a group of people posing for a picture

Untypical Russia: Buryatia Have you heard about the Republic of Buryatia region before? To locate it on the map, you need to turn your head right to the Eastern Siberia, find Lake Baikal and spot a dot with the name Ulan-Ude next to it. It’s to the southeast of Baikal. Found it? Ulan-Ude is the…

Winter Russian traditions: jump into the ice hole on Epiphany day

a person sitting on top of a snow covered field

Secular and religious, holidays bring joy, delicious food and good reason to see your family and friends. After New year and Christmas it gets a little tough since everybody is a little concerned about having a way too idle lifestyle (as well as an overweight). It’s time to take Indiana Jones as a role model…

Rencontrez une famille Bouriate lors de votre séjour à Oulan-Oudé!

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Chez ExploRussia, nous croyons que la façon la plus passionnante de prendre connaissance d’un pays est de rencontrer les habitants locaux: voir leur vie quotidienne, leurs habitudes et leur culture, apprendre leurs points de vue et juste vous amuser ensemble! C’est pourquoi nous avons décidé de publier une série d’articles sur nos guides dans de…

Family from Belgium is exploring a Russian village. Sustainable tourism in action.

a wooden bench sitting in front of a house

Once you made the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway tour, the question “What was your experience on the Trans-Siberian railroad?” will be the first one to be asked by your numerous friends and relatives. The Trans-Siberian Railway adventure is not only about trains, time-zones, nature, vibrant diverse cities, Lake Baikal and Russian food, but also about local…

Visit to Russian Dacha, a Summer Country House in Siberia

a house with trees in the background

When planning the Trans-Siberian Railway trip for our tourists we try to suggest something remarkable they can do in every city. Something which might be special either for this city or for our culture in general and Russian dacha is the best example of it. What is the Russian dacha? During summer time Russians like…

Einmaleins des Zugfahrens in Russland

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This article is also available in English. Züge sind das zuverlässigste Verkehrsmittel, wenn es ums Reisen in Russland geht: Man kommt überall hin, sie sind immer pünktlich und sie sind sicher. In diesem Beitrag erzählen wir Ihnen, wie es sich am besten per Zug reist und was Sie alles wissen müssen. Gewöhnliche Fernzüge (also keine…

Oft gestellte Fragen übers Zugfahren in Russland

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This article is also available in English. Reisen via Zug in Russland kann auf den ersten Blick schon ein wenig beängstigend sein, vor allem als absoluter Russland-Neuling. Trotzdem zieht es Jahr für Jahr etliche Leute hierher, um auf der Transsibirischen Eisenbahn genau das zu machen! Deswegen beantworten wir hier die häufigsten Fragen, die Abenteurer stellen,…