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ExploBear on the Trans-Siberian Railway

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Trans-Siberian Railway Train Summer Hello Friends! I’m an ExploBear and as a true mascot of ExploRussia I love to travel. I also like trains a lot so once I decided to make this legendary railway ride – the Trans-Siberian Railway trip. I want to share my Trans-Siberian Railway…

Essential Trans-Siberian Railway Guide

a large long train on a steel track

Travel planning can be breathtaking, and takes considerable time, but if you want to explore the largest country on Earth by train even more so. If you are dreaming of making one of the most scenic railway rides in the world, then the Trans-Siberian Railway tour must be on your bucket list trips. From this…

Winter Russian traditions: jump into the ice hole on Epiphany day

a person sitting on top of a snow covered field

Secular and religious, holidays bring joy, delicious food and good reason to see your family and friends. After New year and Christmas it gets a little tough since everybody is a little concerned about having a way too idle lifestyle (as well as an overweight). It’s time to take Indiana Jones as a role model…

Family from Belgium is exploring a Russian village. Sustainable tourism in action.

a wooden bench sitting in front of a house

Once you made the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway tour, the question “What was your experience on the Trans-Siberian railroad?” will be the first one to be asked by your numerous friends and relatives. The Trans-Siberian Railway adventure is not only about trains, time-zones, nature, vibrant diverse cities, Lake Baikal and Russian food, but also about local…

Visit to Russian Dacha, a Summer Country House in Siberia

a house with trees in the background

When planning the Trans-Siberian Railway trip for our tourists we try to suggest something remarkable they can do in every city. Something which might be special either for this city or for our culture in general and Russian dacha is the best example of it. What is the Russian dacha? During summer time Russians like…

5 natural wonders in Russia along the Trans-Siberian Railway

a group of people in a forest

In a recent post, we have told you all about the 5 must-stops cities along the Trans-Siberian Railway. That’s why this week we wanted to take it a somewhat different way. See, there are many wonderful cities all across the whole country, but, as a matter of fact, when you look out of the train…

5 absolute must-stops along the Trans-Siberian Railway Tour

a rocky shore next to a body of water

Russia – the biggest country in the world. Its territory spans almost 10,000 km from west to east, that’s a fourth of the equator’s length! In order to really get a grasp of what the country is all about, seeing just one or two spots probably won’t give you the whole picture. That’s why the…

Traveling alone in Russia

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Nowadays, more and more people embark on their travel adventures alone – and there are various reasons for that: some like the independence, some like to break out of their shells while on the road and some simply like to take a break from hanging out with their constant travel companions. Whatever the reason, Russia…

Trans-Siberian review by Jim, Marcia and Joyce

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Jim and Marcia Bowaters from New Zealand and their friend Joyce Jack from USA took a Trans-siberian Adventure in October 2015. Below they are sharing their Trans-Siberian review. Review of our Trans-Siberian Railway Trip Vladivostok – Moscow (23 day tailored trip) – October 2015.

FAQ about life on a Russian train

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Traveling by Russian trains might seem a little bit challenging for an international who is visiting our country for the first time. Yet, the Trans-Siberian railway trip is on a bucket list of many travelers. We put together a FAQ especially for those adventurers who are looking forward to exploring Russia and discover the Trans-Siberian…