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8 most interesting film adaptations of Russian literature

Paul Dano, Lily James posing for the camera

Russian literature plays an important role in the country’s cultural heritage. It usually goes with the epithet “the great one”. Foreign directors admire the mysterious Russian soul and sometimes even try to transfer Russian classics to their own reality. Some film adaptations are really worth watching.  We at ExploRussia adore Russian literature, so we made…

Coronavirus self-quarantine. Time to read books about Russia.

a view of a field

Quarantine is not only a necessary measure but also a great opportunity to engage in self-development. Finally, you find time to do exercises watch your favorite series or read a book that was once shelved. We decided to make a selection of books about Russia that will not let you get bored. For those who…

10 Best Russian cuisine restaurants in Moscow

a bowl of food sitting on a table

You can always find a tourist who would believe that a classic Russian lunch is a borscht with a glass of vodka. Believe it or not, but both are not even originally from Russia. All jokes aside, Russian cuisine restaurant is truly fascinating and has a lot to offer to any tourist. The best way…

Best Restaurants in Moscow with a view

a bunch of food on a table

Moscow is not one of those places where you can easily find a good observation deck. And unlike many European cities where you often don’t have to pay a penny for a good view, in Moscow it can cost you 10 or 20 USD. In fact, if you are willing to pay it, we certainly…