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St Petersburg tours

The most famous art museums in Russia

a train on a steel track

Once Winston Churchill described Russia as “is a riddle wrapped in a mystery.” We don’t want to argue with the classic but we believe that there is a good way to discover enigmatic and at the same time the rich and deep cultural Russia. Exploring Russia thought the best art museums is an absolutely eye-opening…

Russian E-visa Guide

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Want to plan your Russia tour with minimum effort, money, and paperwork? We have very good news for you! Starting in October 2019 if you are a citizen of these 53 countries, you will be able to visit St Petersburg with a free electronic visa (Russian e-visa). For now, citizens of these 53 countries have…

Best St Petersburg restaurants and bars

It’s not a secret anymore that Saint Petersburg already became Russia’s gastronomic and hospitality capital. Many muscovites go there to take a delicious bite in St Petersburg restaurants and enjoy an outstanding cocktail in local bars.  So, let’s start our list with people who changed the Saint Petersburg’s foodies lives. They are now running 4…

Traveling alone in Russia

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Nowadays, more and more people embark on their travel adventures alone – and there are various reasons for that: some like the independence, some like to break out of their shells while on the road and some simply like to take a break from hanging out with their constant travel companions. Whatever the reason, Russia…