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Russian cuisine

Trans-Siberian Railroad Tour Food

a person sitting at a table with a plate of food

Russian pickled vegetables served with vodka during Trans-Siberian Do you want to feel what Russian cuisine is? Have you ever tried Russian food? Original Beef Stroganoff, Chak-Chak, Rye Bread, Pelmeni, Ukha, Pozy? The legendary Trans-Siberian Railroad Tour provides a great opportunity not only to see how big and diverse Russia…

Home Cooking with local family

a bowl of soup and a spoon

We say that the most enjoyable way to learn about the country’s culture and modern life will be to visit the local’s home. Home cooking together or chatting over the kitchen table about day-to-day life gives you the chance to get to know people better. The big value of such an experience is the mutual…

ExploRussia’s co-founders – vegan lifestyle on World Vegan Day

a cake with fruit on top of a table

family celebrating world vegan day In celebration of World Vegan Day, an annual holiday established more than 20 years ago, we decided to ask our co-founders to share their experience of being vegans in Russia, their reason for this life-changing decision and finally reveal their secret family recipe of…

Russian Food to Keep You Warm This Winter

a bowl of food on a plate

In the country where the climate is harsh, and winter is long and cold, food is practically designed to keep your body warm. Russian food is full of thick soups and hearty meals, which quickly fill up your stomach. See our selection of the most typical and the tastiest Russian dishes (and drinks) you should…