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responsible travel

Coronavirus quarantine. 7 easy steps on how to find yourself in Russia staying at home 🤣

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During this uneasy time, we have to help to stop the spread of the coronavirus, to cancel all our trips and to stay at home on quarantine. But what about a little cheer up? Let’s travel all together to Russia without leaving your flat? Read how through 7 easy steps find yourself in Russia and…

An unforgettable experience in the Republic of Buryatia

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Untypical Russia: Buryatia Have you heard about the Republic of Buryatia region before? To locate it on the map, you need to turn your head right to the Eastern Siberia, find Lake Baikal and spot a dot with the name Ulan-Ude next to it. It’s to the southeast of Baikal. Found it? Ulan-Ude is the…

Eco-friendly Hotels in Russia

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We won’t mislead you. Traveling green in Russia is not simple. You will hardly find eco-labeled products, sustainable tour operators, and certified hotels. Finding eco-friendly hotels in Russia will be time-consuming, and in the end, it will probably not be 100% green. But still, it’s worth the effort! International hotel chains or locally-owned guesthouses?

Sustainable tourism in Russia. Tips on how to be responsible.

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The benefits of sustainable travelling  We at ExploRussia support sustainable tourism in Russia. We firmly believe that sustainability and travel should go hand in hand.  Responsible travel is considered the most enjoyable way to travel because it brings you closer to local people and their culture. It also gives you a chance to experience the authenticity…

Russian animals. Meet Arctic Fox, Siberian Tiger, and Polar Bear.

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Russian animals reaches 125 thousand species. Their number increases in the direction from north to south. In the green forests, there are a large number of different herbivores and birds. It’s the home for arctic fox, siberian tiger, and polar bear. Let’s learn about the life of wild animals, who live in Russian forests. Arctic…

How friendly is Russia for travellers with mobility challenges?

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Our previous article on this topic “Wheelchair Accessible Travel in Russia” sheds the light on the recent changes in Moscow and St. Petersburg towards becoming barrier-free cities. A general overview is a good point to start. However, if you want to get the whole picture about accessible travel in Russia, you need to ask those,…

Wheelchair Accessible Travel in Russia

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Accessible tourism as a separate direction in the tourism sector is growing worldwide. It gives more than 1 billion travelers with disabilities the opportunities to gain experience and explore places which were unavailable to them before. The United Nations World Tourism Organization promotes an initiative “Accessible Tourism for All” among all countries and declares that…

Lake Baikal Environmental Problems

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When a foreigner asks a question: “What are the best reasons to visit Russia?”. Lake Baikal will be one of the most popular answers for sure! Lake Baikal is the largest, the deepest and the oldest freshwater lake in the world. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is called the Pearl of Siberia and…

Winter Russian traditions: jump into the ice hole on Epiphany day

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Secular and religious, holidays bring joy, delicious food and good reason to see your family and friends. After New year and Christmas it gets a little tough since everybody is a little concerned about having a way too idle lifestyle (as well as an overweight). It’s time to take Indiana Jones as a role model…

Rencontrez une famille Bouriate lors de votre séjour à Oulan-Oudé!

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Chez ExploRussia, nous croyons que la façon la plus passionnante de prendre connaissance d’un pays est de rencontrer les habitants locaux: voir leur vie quotidienne, leurs habitudes et leur culture, apprendre leurs points de vue et juste vous amuser ensemble! C’est pourquoi nous avons dĂ©cidĂ© de publier une sĂ©rie d’articles sur nos guides dans de…