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Top 6 Museums in Moscow Where You Won’t Be Bored

When it comes to museums, Moscow undoubtedly has a lot to offer: there are over 400 private and state museums in the Russian capital, and the oldest ones date back to the middle of the 19th century. Some of them are a must-visit especially if you have only a few days in Moscow. Many of…

Meet the guide: 10 Things that I love about Russia

In my life, I’ve been lucky enough to live in several countries, cities & towns. I often get asked: “Which country do you like the most?”, and I always answer that I love them all and that each place has its advantages. But today I would like to talk about Russia. Here are 10 things…

Curious Facts About Moscow Metro

Once you plan your trip to Russia, we definitely recommend you to visit the Moscow Metro. Our subway is more than just public transport. It can be called the underground palace, where 44 stations are considered as cultural heritage sites. You can see bronze statues, impressive mosaics, stained glass, columns, and chandeliers that will boggle…

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