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irkutsk food

Where to try dumplings in Irkutsk

Strolling along the most beautiful Irkutsk streets – Karl Marx Street – you will spot a funny signboard that will make you sing, “I wanna rock! I want to rock!” And in no time you will make that gesture – your index finger and the little finger are upright and the thumb is clasped against…

Top 5 local food restaurants in Irkutsk

The most interesting restaurants with Transbaikalian food – now in one rating. Attention! Not recommended to read it if hungry, losing weight people and vegetarians. The best food in Irkutsk is either Buryat or Siberian cuisine. The most unusual and interesting of them are dishes from local fish (some types of such fish are nowhere…

Breakfast in Irkutsk

Eat some breakfast and then change the world. Here are some places for you to start a great day when in Irkutsk. Zhito / Жито Where: Sukhe-Bator street, 15а What time: Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. An extremely atmospheric place. It stands out from the cafes you have already been. For breakfast, you can…

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