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Golden Ring

One day in Kolomna

a small clock tower in front of a building

Kolomna is a small city not far from Moscow (116 km or 2,5 h by train). It is an ancient city, which still looks half-village, half-town. Recently it celebrated its 840th birthday. Like some other old Russian cities, it has its own Kremlin. In the 16th century the infamous Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible used…

Yaroslavl in One Day – Explore Golden Ring Russia

a small clock tower in the background

Yaroslavl is a city located about 270 km away from Moscow. Unlike other Golden Ring cities, Yaroslavl has a considerably big population of over 600 thousand inhabitants. Tourists like this city mostly for the ancient sights, as the city was found in 1010. Yaroslavl view Saviour Transfiguration Monastery Go…

Kostroma in One Day – Explore Golden Ring Russia

a large building

Kostroma is one of the ancient towns northeast of Moscow, and belongs to Golden Ring Russia, a complex of historic cities, one of the oldest in Russia. Founded in 1152, Kostroma is mostly known for being the motherland of Romanov family, who lived here before becoming the Russian Tsars. The Ipatiev Monastery Start your day in…

Rostov in One Day. Explore Golden Ring Russia

a castle with a clock on the side of a building

Escape from busy and noisy Moscow and spend your weekend break in Rostov. Rostov (or Rostov Velikiy) is one of the towns, which belong to Golden Ring Russia, a complex of historic settlements located northeast of Moscow. Among many other attractions, Rostov is known for The Rostov Kremlin, which in old Russian language meant a…