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These Romantic Places in Moscow are Made for a Perfect Date

a person sitting at a park

Whether you’re hopelessly romantic or a bit more pragmatic, Moscow simmers with all kinds of dating opportunities: the classy, the fancy and the relaxed ones. No matter if you’re looking for ideas to impress your brand new Russian date, you came to Moscow to celebrate your wedding anniversary, or you just want to chill out together, this list of romantic places in Moscow will help you find the best option.

In the city where women are truly feminine, and men are so masculine, there’s definitely a space for some romance! Discover the amorous side of Moscow and let us know, what’s your recipe for a perfect date.


Enjoy a breathtaking panorama of Moscow from Moscow City

Moscow romantic place city view

Moscow City is a new commercial district in the centre of Moscow. Having one of the Europe’s tallest buildings, it’s definitely not the most hidden spot in Moscow. But the breathtaking city’s panorama (especially at night), makes it also one of the best dating romantic places in Moscow. Everyone knows that experiencing novelty with a bit of adrenaline can make your date fall in love instantly. And this is what get on the 58th floor of the Imperia Tower’s observation deck, 230 meters above the city. If enjoying the views together is not enough, pre-arranged private dinner accompanied by a glass of champagne will do the magic!

Address: Imperia Tower, Presnenskaya naberzhnaya 6/2; Contact us to arrange a private dinner.


Lose yourself in Patriarch Ponds

Patriarch Ponds at night

Patriarshiye Prudy is a residential area in the center of Moscow, and one of the main settings of Mikhail Bulgakov’s famous novel “The Master and Margarita”. Hide from buzz of nearby Tverskaya Street and take a lazy stroll along the pond. In the afternoon, observe groups of young people, who fill up the benches, sing and play guitars. Afterward, lose yourself in the maze of small streets, and the moment you feel tired, just hop over to one of the numerous lining hip bars and cozy cafes.

Address: Patriarshiye Prudy, between Metro Mayakovskaya and Pushkinskaya


A classy date at the movies

Date in Moscow

If you want to spend time together without the added pressure of making deep conversation, or you’re simply in the mood for some lovey-dovey, go to the movies. 35mm is one of Moscow’s most storied cinemas and one of the best art houses, screening artistic and independent films in original versions with Russian subtitles. A super cozy atmosphere, small auditorium and no popcorn at the cafe are cinema’s indisputable advantages.

Address: Pokrovka street 47/24, m. Kurskaya, m. Krasnie vorota, website


Eat in the dark

Moscow romantic restaurant

This is an unusual romantic place in Moscow. Above all, a date should be memorable and, if nothing else, dinner at “V temnote?!” guarantees a meal you’ll never forget. The restaurant’s name means “In the dark” and diners eat in a complete darkness, having a chance to experience food and their partners from another perspective, free from preconceptions based on visual cues. Blind staff will guide you and help you feel comfortable, and blind musicians will make the atmosphere and the mood of the place truly special.

Address: V temnote?!, Oktyabrskaya ulica 2, metro Dostoevskaya

Dinner has to be arranged in advanced.


Take a relaxed walk in Hermitage Garden

hermitage garden Moscow romantic place

Although located in the center of Moscow, Hermitage is less noisy than other Moscow parks. It’s rather small, with cozy atmosphere, small cafes, pretty flower gardens, romantic gazebos, and welcoming lawns, perfect for a picnic just for two. And the recently built heart-shaped monument where lovers can make a wish, transformed Hermitage into one of the most iconic dating spots. In the summer, Hermitage hosts numerous theater and music festivals, and in the winter, there’s a beautifully illuminated ice skating ring. A perfect place for a date all year round.

Address: Moscow Hermitage Garden, Karetnyj rjad 3


Whisper it at Brix Wine Bar

Moscow romantic restaurant Brix

If you’re looking for an intimate romantic place in Moscow to grab a glass of wine while engaging in a romantic tete-a-tete, we highly recommend Brix. Brix is one of the best wine bars in Moscow, with great selection of alcohol and first class food at very reasonable prices. It is small (accommodates up to 40 people) and has simple but well thought-out design. Brix’s warm and friendly atmosphere will make your date feel cozy and comfortable.

Address:10/1 Maly Kozikhinski Pereulok

If a romantic walk, movie and dinner aren’t enough, invite your date to one of our favourite Moscow bars. And if the rendezvous llast till morning, here you will get the best breakfast in town).