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Novosibirsk in One Day. Explore Siberia

a view of a city

Novosibirsk – the fastest growing city in the world to gain a million population. The heart of Siberia, the third biggest city in Russia and the first biggest city in Siberia. Some people can say it is industrial and grey, but we say – you have only to know where to go and which places to visit in Novosibirsk.
If you have only one day in Novosibirsk we would suggest you to have a self-guided tour along the longest street Krasniy Prospect and many cool places will be on the way:

Globus Theater

It has very nice architecture. If you look at it from the distance it might remind you of ship with its round windows and roof-alike-sail.
Address: Kamenskaya street, 1
Novosibirsk Theatre Globus

Chapel of St Nicholas

It’s the center of Russia. Continue your walking tour from visiting this small chapel. The legend says it was built right in the center of Russian Empire. If you see it opened you are lucky! Get inside, because it happens very seldom.
Address: Krasniy prospect, 19
Go on walking to Lenin’s Square.
St. Nicolas Chapel Novosibirsk

Lenin’s Square and theater of Opera and Ballet

Each city in Russia has either Lenin’s street or Lenin’s Square. But there is only one city, which has the biggest Theater of Opera and Ballet situated on a Lenin’s square Theater’s troupe is famous around the world and performing ballet of a top class. Besides that the building itself is very beautiful – the roof has the form of scales. Inside interiors are amazing as well. And if you actually have a chance to visit the performance – you won’t regret for sure! Official site of Novosibirsk theater of Opera and Ballet.
Address: Krasniy prospect, 36
Continue walking along Krasniy Prospect, it has a small alley in the middle of the street, so walk and enjoy the city.

Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet theatre

Voznesenskiy Cathedral

It is a great place to see the orthodox traditions. Usually there are many people inside, go and visit as well. It will be better if you wear something longer then shorts or mini-skirt. There is a tradition for women to cover their heads when they are in church, you may follow this tradition as well if you want.
Address: Sovetskaya street, 91

Novosibirsk Circus

Right next to the Voznesenskiy Cathedral there is Novosibirsk Circus! It is huge and again has very pretty building. It was built in 1971, first circuses appeared in Novosibirsk in 1899.
Behind the circus there is a park (it is called Narymskiy park), where you can walk around, sit on a bench and enjoy.
Address: Chelyuskintsev street, 21

a stadium with a large building
If you have another day in Novosibirsk, spend it in Akadem Gorodok – the scientific mecca of the country. It is situated distanced from the city, on the bank of the river, in a forest. Many scientific institutions are based there. Also it is the home to Novosibirsk State University and its campus.