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Moscow street art


 graffiti located in Winzavod, Moscow

Moscow Graffiti

When traveling to Moscow, people might expect to see conservative, grey and rather boring city, stuck in the past and surrounded by one-type box-like buildings. Or they might imagine gorgeous Red Square and Kremlin walls beautifully lighted up at night, legendary Nikolskaya street and stunning view on the city from Sparrow hills. But none of the Moscow newcomers would ever imagine that this city can be as modern and trendy as any other city in Europe.

Moscow tries not to lag behind the world’s tendencies offering new places and opportunities for creative people. In the early 2000s a number of abandoned Soviet factories were converted into art clusters. Today, they became the best spots in the city to enjoy fast-growing Moscow street art culture. Here are some of the most interesting places, where you can look for graffiti and modern art objects. 


Winzavod is a very popular place among creative people and, especially, if we talk about the representatives of graffiti art. It contributes to the development of Russian art and focuses its attention on the creation of a favorable environment for its constant flourishing. Not so long ago “the Wall” project has been organized. Each month a new artist picked from the contest can create his graffiti on a wall. After a month another artist can use the same space and paint a new layer on top of another one. 

graffiti Moscow 

Artplay district

Another bright example of not typical Moscow sites is Artplay district. Firstly, it is considered to be one of the first art spaces appeared in Moscow.  The creators of this fantastic place are real heroes of our time. They had a lot of difficulties in establishing this place. People didn’t understand and didn’t support them, made them change the location several times. But they didn’t give up and created a truly remarkable place representing Moscow street art.

The territory of Artplay often hosts different events. But, mainly, it is known as an area of street art. A year ago it represented graffiti-battle devoted to the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse. One of the artists depicted this character in the form of black and white geometric shapes. Looking at this masterpiece, everyone could percept the architecture of this building in an unusual way.

graffiti Moscow


Atrium has become a real sensation in the world of Moscow street art. In 2018 a usual department store was reorganized to become a real creative mecca of contemporary art lovers. This place can be included in the list of not typical sites of Moscow. As any project, Atrium has its own important mission. First of all, it is aimed at capturing the attention of the public to unusual ways of art producing. Also, the organizers of Atrium want to provoke a creative cultural layer for new cultural exploits.

Today, Atrium walls are covered by 11 art pieces painted by international artists. Pokras Lampas, Faith47, Shepard Fairey, Felipe Pantone, Ben Eine, PichiAvo, Okuda San Miguel, WK Interact, Faust, Haculla, Tristan Eaton and this list continue to grow until there is a space on walls. One of the first masterpieces was created by Tristan Eaton. He devoted his work to the space theme. He succeeded in creating a special atmosphere of his mural. The grace with which he realized the theme of space is truly captivating. The phrase “Continue struggling” leaves a trace of an understatement. And it is also aimed at sending a special message to our society.

Atrium graffiti walls

The founders of Atrium believe that this project will show how different could be the capital of Russia.   

 There is no difference, whether you are an artist or ordinary person, designer or traveler. Looking at street art objects you will find something that will not leave you indifferent. Forget about boring and crowdy touristic sites of the city, explore the different side of Moscow on your own or together with Urban Adventures team at our Alternative Moscow: Art, Design & Wine. graffiti Moscow