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Krasnoyarsk in one day. Explore Siberia

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The geographical center of Russia

The city of Krasnoyarsk is the geographical center of Russia and lies on both sides of the Yenisei River, which divides Siberia into the eastern and western part. Krasnoyarsk, with 1 million population, is the third biggest city in Siberia, fast developing and famous for metallurgical industries. Although Krasnoyarsk is not the top touristic destination, it’s worth visiting, especially if you travel along the Trans-Siberian Railway route or you want to explore the stunning nature of the central Siberia. If you stay in Krasnoyarsk one day, this is what we recommend you to visit.
The Yenisei river. A must-stop on Trans-Siberian Railway trip

Stolby Nature Reserve (Zapovednik Stolby)

Stolby Nature Reserve, must-see on the Trans-Siberian Railway tour
Start your day by visiting Stolby Nature Reserve, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, really interesting because of its peculiar landscape with curved cliffs. The local method of free rock-climbing (stolbism) was acclaimed internationally and Stolby is recognized as one of the best Alpinist schools worldwide. You can also try some rock-climbing but do it only if you are on a guided tour (unless you are a pro yourself). If you are not so adventurous, you can simply enjoy the beautiful nature and the fresh air while walking along many hiking trails in the park. In Stolby you can spend a few hours up to the whole day. Stolby Nature Reserve is located just a half an hour drive from Krasnoyarsk city center.
The statue of Tsar-Fish in Krasnoyarsk
The most stunning view of the Yenisei River you will get at the, recently renovated, observation platform located in the Krasnoyarsk suburbs. There you will also see the Tsar-Fish statue, a bit weird monument, which symbolizes the humanity conquering nature. The best way to get there is to take a taxi, for example after leaving Stolby.
Praskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel in Krasnoyarsk Siberia

Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel

It is one of the major symbols of Krasnoyarsk. It’s an Orthodox Chapel built in the 19th century in the Old Russian style. Situated on the top of Karaulnaya Gora (hill), offers the best panoramic view of the city. It is also popular among couples, who come here to enjoy the sunset. The chapel is on Russian 10 rubles bills printed in 1997.
Theatre Square in Krasnoyarsk, city on the Trans-Siberian Railway tour

Theatre Square (Teatralnaya Ploshad’)

Theater Square, previously also called the Sverdlov Square, is the main square in Krasnoyarsk. The square is named after the three theaters located on it — the Bolshoi Theater, Maly Theater, and Russian Youth Theater. There you will also find some monuments and the two most famous fountains: the main “alive” fountain, which is changing its colors and dancing to the music during some of the city events, and the fountain to the Siberia River. By the way, there are over 300 fountains all around Krasnoyarsk and many call it the city of fountains.
Prospekt Mira in Krasnoyarsk Siberia

Prospekt Mira (Peace Avenue)

The Prospekt Mira is the main street of Krasnoyarsk and starts at the Mira Square. There are many tourist attractions along the street, including several monuments, statues, and buildings in a Soviet-style, which are worth checking out. Simply walk along the street, eat at one of the cafes and enjoy the afternoon in Krasnoyarsk.
There’s more!
Krasnoyarsk is a city full of surprises. If you spend in Krasnoyarsk more than one day, take your time to explore the city, visit some of the numerous museums and find its offbeat attractions. Or, ask ExploRussia to tailor a tour for you and the most appealing side of Krasnoyarsk!
City decoration in Krasnoyarsk Siberia