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Is It a Good Idea to Visit Russia Now? Current situation in Russia

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Dear All, taking into consideration the current geopolitical situation, many of you are wondering if visiting Russia is the right thing to do now. In this difficult moment for all of us, ExploRussia decided to share with you some thoughts concerning the current situation in Russia. We want to reassure you that traveling to Russia will not only be safe but might become of the most amazing and inspirational trips of your life!

So, why is visiting Russia a good idea?

current situation in Russia

It’s safe.

You are probably wondering if it is safe to come to Russia right now. Yes, it is! Russia is absolutely safe for foreign travelers. The situation inside the country is as calm as it was before the Crimea crisis started. Nothing has changed in terms of everyday life in Russia. You won’t encounter any dangerous strikes, major demonstrations and, in particular, no military activity. Some political rallies can occur in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other places across Russia, but not likely, and even if, they shouldn’t disturb your stay. Of course, you should be aware of the risk of street crime, but it has nothing to do with the current situation and concerns all metropolises (Russian cities are not an exception).

For more information check our Safety and Security Policy.

You will be well treated, regardless of your nationality.

Russians as a nation are very friendly and hospitable. People, especially in smaller cities and in the countryside are very happy to meet foreign guests. Russians will gladly show you around and proudly tell you about Russian culture. Russians are not xenophobic. Elder people, especially men, might look angry when they hear you speaking English, but it’s only because they do not understand you, and by nature they are suspicious. You will face no anti-European or anti-American actions in the country supported by locals. True, some Russians have their own view on American or EU politics, but people do distinguish politicians from an average German or American tourist and will not harm you just because of your nationality. None of our tourists has ever experienced any difficulties.

By visiting Russia, you support local entrepreneurship and well-being of average people.

As usual, it is the common people who suffer from the negative image of Russia abroad (and possible sanctions). In particular, the Crimea crisis hits small local businesses and entrepreneurs. Rejecting cooperation with small locally-owned companies, both in Ukraine and in Russia, only worsens their economic position and the whole situation in general. Please keep in mind, that regardless of the geopolitical situation, Russian people, their beautiful culture and Russian pristine nature does not change. You might disagree politically with some people you meet here in Russia but they are people. Please do not neglect the Russian people.

You make history happen!

Are you learning about Russia from the news or learning news from Russians? Visiting Russia in this particular moment is a truly unique opportunity to confront information presented in media with opinions, hopes, and worries of real Russian people. Come and talk to locals to build your very own understanding of the situation in Russia. Also in terms of the current political situation. Challenge Russians (and yourself) by asking smart, insightful questions and start a dialogue, beyond boundaries. Take a chance and make history happen!

With us, your stay will be an amazing and truly inspirational experience.

ExploRussia is run and owned by young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs who love Russia, its breathtaking nature, rich culture, hospitable people and believe in Russia’s huge touristic potential. ExploRussia is represented by open-minded people from Russia, Poland, and Germany, which makes us look at the geopolitical situation from a truly international perspective.

Above all, ExploRussia stands for providing unforgettable and authentic experiences. We aim to contribute to the long-term future of Russia’s economic stability, environmental wellness, cultural heritage, and people’s well-being by acting responsibly and implementing sustainable solutions on all levels of our operations. We want to show you real Russia, Russia through the eyes of locals.

Having said that, we encourage you to visit Russia. Spend Easter with us, learning about Orthodox customs. Go to Saint Petersburg in June to experience white nights. Take a train to Baikal in the summer to explore Siberian stunning pristine nature. Come to Russia and talk to real Russians about life, dreams, hopes, problems, and politics, if you like. ExploRussia will be there all the time for you, making sure you are safe, happy and that you have a trip of a lifetime! Because we care!

From Russia with Love, the ExploRussia team

P.S. Please note, that due to several reasons, we don’t want to take an official stand in regard to the current situation in Russia in politics and actions taken by the Russian government in Ukraine or elsewhere. Please, respect our right to stay apolitical and neutral. At the same time, we separate politics from our Ukrainian friends, about whom we care a lot!