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Leo Tolstoy as a Trendsetter

  Yesterday, September 9, ExploRussia celebrated Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy’s 190th Birthday. Leo Tolstoy (the English-speaking world calls his name like this) is one of the greatest Russian writers and novelists of the world. To speak and moreover to write about Leo Tolstoy is as easy as trying to draw like Vincent Van Gogh or sing…

6 Reasons Why Every Nature Lover Should Visit Sochi

Sochi is the most famous beach resort in Russia. After the Winter Olympics, 2014 attention was drawn to its ski resorts. Sochi, however, with its nearly 500,000 acres of forests, several protected areas, nature parks, 30 botanical gardens, numerous waterfalls and caves, Caucasus Mountains and the warm Black Sea is a perfect destination for anyone,…

5 Greatest Nature Reserves in Russia

Only a few people know that Russia has one of the world’s premier systems of protected areas. It preserves millions of acres of wild landscapes, which are home to a countless number of plants and animals. There are 101 Russian nature reserves (zapovedniks) covering about 1.4% of the country’s total area – from the tundra…

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