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Boost your energy! 7 videos that will inspire you to come to Russia

a herd of cattle walking across a body of water

So far, the most extreme thing in our life is a trip to the local store nearby or a walk with a dog, we offer to overcome the lack of adventure with our selection of great youtube films made in Russia. 

We selected 8 videos from trips to different parts of Russia. We recommend making it full screen and in maximum quality to immerse yourself in the atmosphere to the full scale.

Russia by Snowboard

For those who are fond of snowboarding and are dreaming of mountains. Royal freeride, from the very top of the mountain, freaky tricks, a sea of powder snow and so cool views that will take your breath away.

For Nature lovers

Absolutely incredible timelapse video of the Altai Mountains. The true place of power. Altai can be called “Russian Tibet”. Amazing nature, a mixture of exotic cultures and legends of miracles. We invite everybody to see it’s beautiful nature.

For those who are fond of skydiving

Skydiving over the most beautiful monasteries, churches, islands, and lighthouses of Russia. Just enjoy skydiving and a view of endless fields. After these videos, you clearly understand how huge our world is.

One more video. Wingsuit in Russia! Menzelinsk city, Republic of Tatarstan
The beautiful landscapes of Menzelinsk and skydiving at sunset are an amazing tandem.

For Husky lovers

These are dogs with a well-furred body, erect ears, blue or brown eyes, sometimes one eye is blue and another is brown. With the start of the gold rush in Alaska, the breed was imported there. Fur traders brought from Siberia strong and hardy dogs, small in size that are able to carry a load at a high speed over great distances. So the breed was called the Siberian Husky. Husky cannot be a guard dog because of their curious and friendly character. Husky will never bite a man! 

Enjoy 150 Kilometer with huskies through the Russian forests.

For winter skating lovers

Join this epic travel to see the craziest rink in the world! This is the trip to Lake Baikal, through ice caves, epic scenery, mountains and so much more. We can tell you much more about this unbelievable nature treasure. Join our tours to lake Baikal, or just have a stop during the Trans-Siberian Railway tour

Anyway now you have an opportunity to see it.

Any place on earth can be a travel destination but first, it is a place for locals, who live there and enjoy their everyday routine. Watch how an old Siberian woman skates across the lake during winter time when it is frozen.