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Bikini Skiing in Siberia and Russian Ski Resorts

a man riding a snowboard down a snow covered slope

In this post, we celebrate the Guinness record of Bikini Skiing in Siberia and give a small overview of Ski Resorts in Russia for adventure travelers.
Last weekend on 20th of April 2013 in Sheregesh, a ski resort in Siberia, skiers and snowboarders set a world and Guinness record: around 700 people get downhill in swimming costumes.
First ambition was to beat the record set in Canada last year, where 200 people made the same thing. So it turned out we could triple the previous result!
Any adventure tourist would like it: there were special cloakrooms organized on the top of a mountain, so one could register for the event, change clothes and start the bikini-descent 🙂
bikini skiing

Sheregesh skiing
As this event gathered that many people it might become annual. Why won’t you participate in a bikini skiing 2014?
Small video from Sheregesh
Bikini-descent. Sheregesh 20.04.2013 from Semen Viktorovich on Vimeo.
All in all if you are into downhill skiing or snowboarding adventure, there are plenty of places in Russia to do that.

Where to ski in Russia?

Russia will make you absolutely happy with the number of places, where you can ski.
Some main areas are:

Krasnaya Polyana

– many competitions of Winter Olympic games 2014 in Sochi will be held in Krasnaya Polyana. It is the ensemble of 4 resorts, with top lift up to 2320 meters, various chair-lifts, and facilities for renting. Unfortunately, there is no united system of ski-passes among resorts, so you should choose where to ski. Besides that they have lively apres-ski bars.
How to get there?
By plane: closest airport is in city Adler
By train: to the station Adler

Resort Dambay

The top lift up to 4046 meters, they have slopes for all categories of skiers. What is great there are opportunities for “heli-ski” and free-ride there! Besides everything they have a whole range of entertainment: cafes, bars, and saunas. Adventure and fun trip!
How to get there?
By plane: closest airport is in city Mineralnie Vody

Ural mountains

Resort Abzakovo – visit this resort with14 pistes almost 3 km long and with top lift up to 312 meters. Apart from skiing one can visit there local zoo, have some spa and sauna relaxation. What a great winter vacation!
How to get there?
By plane: closest airport is in city Magnitogorsk

Resort Zavyalikha

There are 9 pistes for beginners and experts 2 km long, high-speed chair-lifts. At your service are various facilities: ski, snowboards and snowmobiles rental, instructors’ services.
How to get there?
By plane: closest airports are in Chelyabinsk and Ufa
By train: station Vyazovaya on the way from Ufa to Chelyabinsk, 20 km from the resort

Altay mountains

Resort Belokurikha – 25 km of pistes, the longest one is 2500 meters with top lift up to 510 meters. They have chair-lifts of all kinds and many entertainment facilities.
How to get there?
By plane: the closest city is in Barnaul. Also, it is popular to combine it with a visit to Novosibirsk and from there take a bus to Belokurikha

Resort Sheregesh

Altai ski6 pistes of pure happiness, with 3000 meters length and top lift up to 600 meters. It is famous for its apres-ski bars. Many opportunities for accommodations: 40 hotels, also there is an opportunity to rent villas and flats. The best winter holiday!
How to get there?
By plane to Novosibirsk, then travel by regular transfer from Novosibirsk to Sheregesh
If you are interested to explore ski pistes of Russia feel free to contact ExploRussia on how to make it right! Summer is close, but we know that winter is coming 😉