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Best vegetarian restaurants in Moscow

a bowl of fruit sitting on top of a wooden table

Vegetarian tradition is still not that common and spread in Russia. Though more and more cafés are having veggie menu. This is our list for a decent veggie meal. Check our choice of the best vegetarian restaurants in Moscow.

Fruits and veggies on ArtPlay

Vegan place with lovely interior.

Address: Metro Kurskaya, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya street, 10. MAP

It is a self-service place, your order at the bar and take your dishes to the table, which you like. Usually, they serve several dishes, but the difference every day + vegan bakery and fresh juices.

Also, this is the home for guys from Black Coffee cooperative (cooperative cherny). They make black coffee without the coffee machine, but with dozen of other methods. In summer they take their coffee and serve it in the parks of Moscow.

Each table stands on stairs

fruits and veggies

Moscow vegetarian cafe

Khitrie Lyudi

Do you know what “khitrye ludi” means in Russian? It translates as “crafty”, or “inventive people”, which hints at originality. Indeed, the place is a part of an artistic cluster “Winzavod”, and occupies former beer stocks.  During our Alternative Moscow tour, we are visiting this lovely spot. It offers both vegetarian and traditional Russian cuisine served creatively. The interior is cozy; restaurant halls look like a small old ballroom with a piano and a bar room. Ask the staff what they have for vegetarians, and they will willingly help. Our choice is a beetroots salad accompanied by a cup of warm ginger tea.

Vegetarian food in Moscow

Address: 4 Syromyatnicheckiy lane, 1, building 6. MAP

Obraz Zhizni (Lifestyle cafe)

Great place with many dishes of Israel cuisine, nice wine and atmosphere.

Address: Prechistinka street, 40/2

Moscow cafe

Our favorites:

Falafel Eggplants in pita and Israel appetizers


If you don’t eat meat and you would like to grab a bite and continue sightseeing quickly after, our recommendation will be going to “Jagannath”.  It has numerous locations, the central point is at Kuznetsky Most. It looks like a canteen and in cold evenings attracts students, who prefer a plate of vegetarian pilaf over Beef stroganoff.  The food is simple but good. Try soya pelmeni, pumpkin soup and one of their desserts.

They also have a shop where you can buy Indian spices, many soya products, and more stuff for vegetarians and vegans.

Address: metro Kuznetskiy most, Kuznetskiy most, st. 11

metro Kurskaya, Zemlyanoy Val, st. 24/30

metro Taganskaya, Verkhnyaya Radichshevskaya st. 9A

metro Kitay Gorod, Maroseyka st. 4

Pita’s Street Food and bar

Pita’s originally came from St Petersburg. Apparently people there adore food wraps- everything that reminds a falafel in a pita and tortillas is a blast on the Neva. Recently they’ve made an expansion to Moscow. Now, whenever in Moscow you can take a tasty big falafel with hummus or vegetarian shawarma with tofu. Those who hold a less strict diet can enjoy shawarma with mushrooms and cheese. Berry juices are another winner from the menu, our favorite is a raspberry juice.

Vegetarian food in Moscow


A great example of how a sunny Tel-Aviv cuisine can find its home in Moscow. Portion sizes are good enough for 2 people. For a brunch, you can order a delicious hummus with tahini, olive oil, and pine nuts, which will go with two pitas. If you feel like eating a proper meal, take a look at a baked cauliflower with pepper tahini. Brave travelers visiting from December to March would love a cup of herbal tea with thyme. In summers, a mango smoothie will be a nice idea.

By the way, this is one of the vegetarian cafes that offer delivery services. Yandex Eda will get a veggie Israeli salad directly to your hotel.



Avocado Queen

The name speaks for itself.  Avocado is the main feature in this restaurant of Novikov group. Expectedly, they have guacamole, avocado carpaccio, avocado ice-cream, and a baked avocado as a second meal. The prices are above the average, all well explained by Patriarchie Ponds district.

Vegetarian food in Moscow


This tiny shiny café is right next to Pushkin Square. We love “Bowlroom” because they have healthy breakfasts and two set brunches. It’s not a strictly vegetarian place but can be your choice of a day. Start your morning in Moscow with a bowl with almond milk, berries and chia seeds. For a dinner, order a vegetarian bowl with halloumi cheese and blue matcha- it has stunning color, isn’t it?

Vegetarian food in Moscow

As you can see there are plenty of choices for eating healthy and sustainable in Moscow.  One of the ways to explore what Russians eat is to join our Moscow Local Market Food tour, where we can also offer some vegetarian options. We encourage you to invite your veggie friend to explore green Moscow, take the train and embark on a foody journey.  We promise you won’t regret it.

Do you know other great vegetarian restaurants in Moscow? Tell us!