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Best St Petersburg restaurants and bars

It’s not a secret anymore that Saint Petersburg already became Russia’s gastronomic and hospitality capital. Many muscovites go there to take a delicious bite in St Petersburg restaurants and enjoy an outstanding cocktail in local bars. 
So, let’s start our list with people who changed the Saint Petersburg’s foodies lives. They are now running 4 different restaurants and we recommend you to visit each. 

#Vegetarian friendly  


Duo Gastropub

Duo Gastropub is located in the historical part of the city. It became the first project of chef Dmitry Blinov and just in a year it was already on a list of Saint Petersburg Best restaurants. Now this titled tiny place, where you have to book a table in advance, offers a selection of fish and meat appetizers, mains (with max. price under 500 rubles) and delicious deserts that truly belong to haute cuisine. 
Address: Kirochnaya st., 8 A 

Gastropub in St Petersburg


Next place is Tartarbar. As you may understand from the name: it offers a selection of tartars, and also carpaccio, ceviche. But vegetarians would also be delighted. For example give a try to baked carrot with sweet chilli and yam mousse. 
Address: Vilensky lane, 15 

Tartar bar in St Petersburg

Duo Asia

The third project from the same guys is St Petersburg restaurant Duo Asia. Located on vibrant Rubinstein street it’s a unique Asian gourmet cuisine restaurant. They offer amazing bao, poké, selection of seafood. Don’t expect the plates to be similar to what you’ve already tried, the chef has put his heart in creating the menu. 
Address: Rubinsteina street 20

Duo Asia in St Petersburg


Last but not least restaurant from the same chef is located just next to Peter and Paul Fortress. It’s called Harvest and has a focus on veggies. Guests are offered to pick their side: vegetables ( like celeriac terrine) or not only vegetables (here you can find dorado with white asparagus and apricot sauce). 
Address: Dobrolubova avenue 11

Harvest restaurant

As we already said Saint Petersburg is Russian gastronomical center. And of course in a must-visit list there’re Russian cuisine St Petersburg restaurants. 

#Modern Russian cuisine 


The restaurant is located in an ancient banya’s building. In the elegant interior you may find old banya amenities. So similar to their menu: classical old Russian dishes (but redefined in a modern way), pies, go together with pike cutlet served with wild garlic purée. Another great advantage of this restaurant is that they have a small shop with a variety of house made jams, smoked fish, pickled mushrooms – all these could be great souvenirs. 
Address: Degtyarnaya street, 1A

Banshiki restaurant

#Authentic Russian cuisine 


Severyanin restaurant is named after a very famous Russian poet Igor Severyanin.   As the owners describe it: “located in power place of Saint Petersburg’s creative elite, offers an atmosphere of Russian bohemian flat of XIX century”. Venison, rabbit, hot and cold borsch, traditional Russian fish pie, dumplings, caviar – everything you’d expect from Russian cuisine. A must try are desserts – the place has its own bakery, so the honey cake or mille-feuille are freshly made. 
Address: Stolyarny lane, 18/69

Severyanin restaurants in St Petersburg
Pyshechnaya on Bolshaya Konyushennaya 
It is a legendary St. Petersburg haunt. The cafe was established in 1958 and is a traditional Soviet donut shop. The look of the place hasn’t changed much since it first opened. The cafe is usually packed, because the donuts should be enjoyed hot. By the way, don’t expect filling or glaze in Russian donuts. They are served just with sugar powder. 
Address: Bolshaya Konushennaya, 25 



When it comes to bars St.Petersburg also has what to offer. 

Bar 812

One of the best known in town is Bar 812
Offering a signature cocktail list and interesting and unusual serving this bar stole young people’s hearts long ago. But the bar owners decided to go further and opened a small ramen corner in the bar. So you can enjoy both: food and drinks. 
Address: Zhukovskogo street, 11

Bar 812

1 1/2 komnaty

Tiny bars are very common in St.Petersburg. So one of them even got a name “One & half room” (“1 1/2 komnaty” in Russian). The concept is quite new: it’s a perfect serve bar, where every drink is served with matching appetizer. The bartenders created around 40 matches (like Bloody Mary and pickled wild garlic, bourbon and honeycombs), all of them included in the price of a drink.
Address: Mayakovskogo street, 34

St Petersburg bar

El Copitas

One of the only bars in Russia that was on the top 50 best bars in Europe is “El Copitas” and is still in that list. It’s a speakeasy bar with no signs. You have to call in advance to book a place and get inside (don’t be afraid, all bartenders speak perfect English). The concept is simply delicious: cheap and fresh Mexican cuisine, selection of mescal and tequila. The cocktail list is quite short: just 5 drinks, but it changes completely every week according to seasonal products. Of course the bartenders can make the good old classical cocktails.
Address: Kolokolnaya street, 2

El Copitas St Petersburg bar

Hope this list was be helpful! Discover and taste Saint Petersburg with us.