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Best Restaurants in Moscow with a view

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Moscow is not one of those places where you can easily find a good observation deck. And unlike many European cities where you often don’t have to pay a penny for a good view, in Moscow it can cost you 10 or 20 USD. In fact, if you are willing to pay it, we certainly recommend visiting the tallest Orthodox Church in the world (102 meters) Christ the Saviour Cathedral. The platform will allow seeing beautiful Moscow from four different angles. But we believe it could be even nicer to spend it in a restaurant with a stunning view. In this case, it will be mixing pleasure with pleasure. The good news is that the best restaurants in Moscow have an unforgettable view of Moscow. The view seems to be a “dish” that is no less important than a speciality of the chef. 
We created a list of 7 places that can make you feel like the king of the world. Or rather a tsar as we are in Russia.

White Rabbit

White Rabbit is probably one of the most famous Russian restaurants in Moscow. There are two big reasons for that. First, It’s already annually in the list of the top 50 best restaurants in the world. Second, it was on Netflix’s Emmy-nominated series Chef’s Table (Season 3, Episode 2 if you’ll decide to watch).  Moreover, in 2014 and 2015, TripAdvisor awarded White Rabbit the title of “Winner of the Year” among the Moscow’s restaurants.
The great panorama view opens from the 16th floor where you can see the city center. But White Rabbit is definitely more than a great view on the Ministry of foreign affairs (one of the famous well-known Moscow city skyscrapers) and the historical city center.
The chef Vladimir Mukhin is simply phenomenal.  He is a fifth-generation cook, who began his career at the age of 12 and trained in Spain, Japan, and France. Mukhin, as well as his restaurant specializes in modern Russian cuisine and experiments with the local products.
He became a chef at White Rabbit in 2012, and in  2017 he founded the first international gastronomy festival in Russia. 
We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the prices. In many Western cities like London or Paris, a bill at mid-level restaurants will be equal to what you pay in White Rabbit. We recommend you to try borscht with fried crucian carp (670 RUB), marinated Sakhalin shrimp (590 RUB), and birch bread with herring and forschmack (460 RUB).


The restaurant with the proud name Ruski is considered to be the highest in Europe. It’s on the 85th floor the skyscraper called Oko (354 meters high). As well as in White Rabbit, the menu is based on the rethinking of the heritage of Russian gastronomic culture. The speciality is also an eight-meter Russian stove that offers Russian authentic recipes. In the “Stove menu,” you can find pork ribs in sour cream (630 RUB) and Russian old-style dumplings with wild mushrooms (830 RUB).  Other recommendations from the menu are dumplings with venison (630 RUB), slowly cooked cabbage soup with wild mushrooms (470 RUB), and pies (90 RUB). The average bill is about 40-50 USD.
Ruski restaurant has also the ice bar which is an additional attraction itself. It offers a good variety of Russian cocktails and liqueurs. Some of the combinations can be pretty surprising.


Sixty is definitely one of the best places to get a panoramic view of the city. It is of the highest restaurants in Europe, located on the 62nd floor of the Federation Tower. Indeed, the restaurant has a unique and interesting feature, a window system that allows them to open at 225 meters above the ground. If you want to have an amazing view of Moscow in the open air, Sixty is certainly the must-see.  In fact, the restaurant claims this system has no analogs anywhere in the world. 
If you like La Bella Vita, Sixty is definitely for you. It is the representation of what we call ‘The Moscow’s chic’.  The Interior is an ultramodern urban style, mixed with the nostalgic 60s of Andy Warhol and Antonioni’s Blow Up, reflected in bold art deco furniture and bright colors.
On the menu, you can find the fusion masterpieces of the world’s renowned dishes: several types of meat dishes, a good assortment of fish and seafood, varieties of Russian, Italian and pan-Asian cuisine. 


Buono is located in one of Stalin’s skyscrapers, also known as the Seven Sisters. It takes 29th and 30th floors of the hotel Radisson Ukraine, which was recently fully renovated. The restaurant offers you a stunning view thanks to the seats being lined along with panoramic windows. You can behold the Russian White House, the river Moskva, and of the most prestigious streets in the city Kutuzovsky avenue. 
As you can guess from the name, Buono specializes in classic Italian cuisine. In fact, everything is imbued with the Italian culture. The interior is also inspired by the Italian Imperial style. And it certainly serves one of the best Italian dishes in Moscow as the chef  Christian Lorenzini is an Italian himself. As well as Sixty It belongs to the Ginza Group which is a quality mark for many Russians. The average bill is a bit high for Moscow, 60 – 85 euros per person.

Mercedes Bar

The restaurant is a collaborative project of the Ginza Project and Mercedes-Benz Russia.- It is located right above Buono on the 31st floor of the same Moscow’s skyscraper. Mercedes Bar was renovated in autumn 2019 to bring the best of the American retro style: dark noble furniture made of leather and wood is combined with snow-white columns and strict stucco moldings, images of popular cars are hung on the walls.
If you appreciate good cocktails, Mercedes Bar will offer you one of the best varieties in Moscow. The cuisine is international so everybody can find a meal according to his preference. A great place if you want to have a romantic dinner.

Bosco Cafe

Approximately for the last 15 years, Bosco cafe has been considered as one of the main restaurants in Moscow. Even though you won’t find any Michelin star restaurants in Moscow, it doesn’t mean that there are not any world-class standard quality. Everything about Bosco Cafe as it high level, starting from the service to the interior, which was inspired by the European cafes at the beginning of the XXth century. The luxurious tableware was created just for the restaurant in Italy. Here you will see a sophisticated chandelier from glasses.
The place offers traditional Italian cuisine, for those who don’t like counting calories. You can also find a section with Russian cuisine. Most of the dishes are around 1000 RUB. As a bonus, every day there is live music performance.
Nevertheless, nothing can be compared to the unique and absolutely breathtaking view. You will see the best of Moscow, Red Square and the Kremlin. At the time when Red Square is closed due to rehearsal or festivals, Bosco cafe stays the secret place for the main Moscow’s attraction.

Bar Strelka

Bar Strelka at the Institute of Media, Architecture and Design, is located on main creative cluster areas Red October. It is definitely a place to visit if you are interested to see the other side of Moscow. Everything about this place will tell you that you are in so-called ‘Modern Moscow’. The bar is made in an eclectic style having an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness. 
On weekends, the bar has concerts of Russian and foreign bands and parties with DJs. All income from the bar goes to support the Strelka Institute.
In the summertime, it opens one of the best verandas in Moscow with a view on the main Russian church Christ the Saviour Cathedral and Moscow river. A very interesting place to visit in Moscow. In the menu, you will find all the main trends of Moscow’s culinary scene, from the Russian must-try borscht (400 RUB) and cottage cheese pancakes (390 RUB) to a burger (820 RUB) and hummus (300 RUB).  The average bill is about 25 USD.

This text was written by our local guide Tanya Neyman. Tanya is passionate about Moscow! Tour the city with her during your travel to Moscow.