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Best places to eat cheap and fast food in Moscow. Part 2

a group of people sitting at a table with food

In Best places to eat fast and cheap in Moscow. Part 1 article we described fast food restaurants and markets with fashionable fast casual food stalls. As you already know they have quite a history behind them. Those places are great if you need to grab a bite while you are on the go. But can you actually surprise anyone with global restaurant brands or food markets? Not so much. But we have no doubts that you will be pleasantly surprised when you will stop to have lunch in one of the restaurants on our list. These places have great menus and a really cool atmosphere and yet they will still allow you to stay within your budget.

Varenichnaya №1

Fast food Varenichnaya

Do not get upset if you have not made friends with any Russians yet. Still, you can go to a place where you will feel just like if you were invited to a Russian house. Restaurant chain Varenichnaya ?1 works not only like a place to eat but also as a museum of Soviet artifacts. Those cute things that came from the Soviet Union help us to travel back in time and remember our childhood. You can find various types of dumplings and vareniki on the menu, as well as typical Russian soups and salads.  

Canteen №57

fast food Moscow Stolovaya 57

If you would like to experience Soviet culture, Canteen №57 is a place for you. It is located in the very center of Moscow. There, on the second floor of GUM, you can try various soviet dishes, just like we would have for lunch in our schools or at home. On a hot day make sure you get a glass of lemonade. It is made there as it used to be made in the Soviet Union by mixing a syrup with sparkling water. Canteen №57 is a nice and cheap place to eat in the middle of your very busy day full of tourist activities.
Red Square, 3 (metro Okhotny Ryad, Ploshad Revolutsyi)  

Ludi kak Ludi

Ludi kak ludi food cafe

This tiny café seems to be there forever. The place does not have a bright sign on the street, so once you find it and get in there, you will feel like a local right away. Tourists do not particularly stop there as there are just 6 tables and a bar counter, and you need to be very lucky to get a seat. But if you do, you will never regret it. Make sure you try one of their delicious pies. But if you are not so lucky, you can always take away and have a picnic in Zaryadye park, which is just 10 minutes walk from there.
Solyansky tupik, ¼ (metro Kitay-Gorod)  

Obed Buffet

Obed bufet

Obed Buffet is a bright and modern place to eat, where you can spend hours chatting with your friends and taking a break from the busy Moscow rhythm. You will find a great variety of dishes there, and no one will limit you on the amount of food. You can put as much as you want on your plate, and pay for grams of food at the counter. Even though the concept is quite simple, the food is delicious and the crowd in Obed Buffet is always great.  

Burger Heroes

Burger Heroes

Sometimes the most familiar dishes can be cooked in the most unexpected way. Burger with a twist is something that you will find in Burger Heroes. It is a chain, which main goal is to impress you with the most extravagant burgers in the city. Their latest and craziest idea is a burger with caviar, truffle oil, and dates, all covered with food gold. It is something worth trying, isn’t it?  

Fruits and Veges

Fruits and Veges

In case you do not have time to go on a tour to Bunker 42, you can check Fruits and Veges in the Design center Artplay. This small vegetarian café is located in a bunker too, but owners made a great job with transforming it in the cutest ever quick-lunch place. There you can try porridge with fruits, falafel, vegetable soups, and other healthy dishes. There are many vegetarian restaurants in Moscow, but we like this one for it’s charming atmosphere, which we are sure you will like too.
Nizhny Suromyatnichesky per., 10/12 (metro Kurskaya, Chkalovskaya)
Design centre Artplay  

People and Pasta

People and Pasta

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular in Moscow. You can find an Italian restaurant or bistro almost on every street. But if you specialize in pasta, you may be interested in visiting People and Pasta on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. You can choose one of the classical kinds of pasta on the menu or make your own combination of pasta and a topping.
Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 25/1 (metro Tsvetnoy Boulevard)  

Soup café

Soup cafe

If you spend more than one day in Russia, you already learn that soups here are extremely important. So important, that there is even a café specializing just in soups. In Soup café you can find soups with fish, meat, mushrooms, and even strawberries. It is a perfect place to have lunch on a frosty day or to make yourself feel better after a wild night.
1st Brestaskaya st., 62 (metro Belorusskaya)  

Culinary Shop Of Karavaevyh Brothers

Do you like to take a look at your food before buying it? If your answer is yes then you may want to check Culinary Shop Of Karavaevyh Brothers. Grab a yellow tag with a number when you enter, wait until your number appears on a screen, and order anything you see on a display tonight. If you come after 19:00, you will be pleasantly surprised as 20% discount applies to all the dishes.
Bon appetit!