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Best 7 Places for Breakfast in Moscow

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Eating out for breakfast in Moscow becomes more and more popular. A lot of restaurants and cafes keep up with this trend and offer special menus to start your day on a positive note. We have personally picked the best 7 places for you to have breakfast in Moscow!


Even if you do not live in this famous historic hotel, you have a chance to have breakfast in Metropol main hall, under its stained-glass dome. At the buffet line, you can find traditional Russian treats such as blini (thin pancakes) with red caviar or salted salmon as well as several egg dishes, seasonal fruits and a variety of dairy products. The breakfast is accompanied by live harp playing and sparkling wine!
To enjoy a perfect morning in Metropol, you need to buy the certificate online and book the table at least 24 h in advance.


Dr. Zhivago

The best place to have breakfast with a view of the Kremlin. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the legendary Hotel Naсional. It is known as a modern Russian cuisine restaurant. Dr. Zhivago breakfast menu is not less diverse than the main one. You can find there more than 20 egg dishes, all imaginable types of porridge and pancakes with a variety of fillings! For the bravest eaters, we recommend trying a hot sandwich with oxtails.



Another place that will make you travel in time. The history of Buloshnaya (which means bakery in Russian) begins in 1898. Closed during the soviet period, the restaurant was reopened more than 100 years later. But it has conserved the interior of pre-revolutionary Russia including its cake vitrine, a piano made in 1818 and furniture reminiscent of the 19th century. For breakfast, you can find both traditional Russian treats (pancakes, porridge) and international classics English breakfast, eggs Benedict).



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I Love Cake

If you got a sweet tooth, you should definitely come to I Love Cake café for breakfast in Moscow. The café is located in a trendy Patryarshie Prudi district. The place is mainly known for its colorful and delicious cakes. You won’t be able to pass its vitrine! Coffee is another local must-try. Funny latte with chewing gum flavor will make your day.



Another small and cozy café located in the Patryarshie Prudi district. The restaurant’s breakfast menu is concise but not trivial. Banana bread with strawberry, sandwich with guacamole and shrimps, French toasts with salted ricotta… You can accompany your meal with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The place is also known as a wine bar. So, you can always come back here in the evening.



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Timeless corner

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Lyudy Kak lyudy

A cult café located in the very heart of Moscow near Kytai Gorod metro station. Simple and cozy, Lyudi Kak Lyudi is a perfect place for a fast breakfast in Moscow. Regulars come here for delicious pies, fresh smoothies and great coffee. Tourists do not often notice this tiny café. But now you know how to find this hidden gem!



The name of this café chain speaks for itself. If you are a coffee lover, you should definitely come here. Coffemania has more than 20 cafés in Moscow city centre and airports. Some of them are open 24/24 and serve breakfast till 12 pm on weekdays and 2 pm on weekends. Its breakfast menu is traditional with both Russian and international treats. The prices here are higher than average but the quality and service are worth it.


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