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Beautiful Moscow Oh How We Loved Meeting You!!

a group of people standing in front of a tree posing for the camera

Look what Scott and his family from the USA (Taxes) say about their visit to Moscow in November:

Expressing into words how much our family loved our trip to Moscow this past Thanksgiving will not be easy to do. ExploRussia did an extraordinary job of planning our trip with thoughtful precision from collecting us at the airport to planning our meals and carefully selecting activities that were interesting and fun for both my husband and me as well as our 13 year old daughter and 16 year old son.

We felt our visit to Moscow touched on all areas: we visited the Kremlin, toured cathedrals, rode subways, sampled foods in the local market, prepared and ate dinner in a tour guides home and shopped in gorgeous department stores. Tanya, who was our main tour guide, did such a masterful job of not only walking us literally through all of the top tourist spots of Moscow but she had a unique way of bringing it to life with her witty stories and historical information her true love of all things Russia. Make no mistake – Tanya made our trip. It was hard to say good bye to her when our trip was complete. Her amount of attention and detail was incredible.

Our stay in Russia absolutely exceeded our expectations. It is hard for us to understand why Moscow would not be a TOP destination for fellow Americans to travel. We loved the history, architecture, culture, COLD weather, and the people so very much. There are so many fun things to do in Moscow and Tanya really balanced our schedule beautifully so we saw all of the highlights without making it too exhausting. She made sure we fell in LOVE with her city too. She was successful!! Her English is wonderful and she does the “American SMILE” just like an American. All of the guides we were assigned were wonderful — it is just that we had Tanya for the bulk of our trip.

All in all, we highly recommend ExploRussia and if you can get her — book Tanya. We would definitely rewind and do the entire trip again!!